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Hell is Real

The Elements Will Melt with Fervent Heat -  2 Peter  3, 10
The previous ten days had carried our work forward to include the Australian heat wave and its associated fires. On 31st January, 2009  I had written an article about strange Fire coincidences concerning our visit to Sydney in February 1996, and books by the Australian John Baxter and Arthur C Clarke.  I intended to include it on my latest website, which is making only slow progress as world events and Jenny's declining health impede my progress. As well as working on the website, I am also writing my book explaining the meaning of the Airbus crashes, as well as giving all be supporting evidence of prior knowledge before the event. I explained the background to the very clear warnings that, on death, everyone goes to God's Judgement, unfashionable though the concept is in our selfish, corrupt and decadent world.

After lunch, I went to get some morphine for Jenny. As I parked in the Roseland shopping centre car park, I couldn’t help but notice that the car parked in front and to my left had the registration plate ZE2297. Code 2297 is the key Code for the Apocalypse. I looked down at my car mileage. The reading was 229507 km. 229 had been  the earliest version of the Apocalypse Code which was first made known to us in November 1988, and was refined to 2297 in September 1989. 507 is the World’s End Code which I first encountered in July, 1985 but which I did not see for what it was until sometime in 1990.

Another End Times Sign ??
On 2nd February, 2009 all of London's buses had been off the road. It was the first time it had ever happened. Even the Luftwaffe had never managed to do that at the height of the Blitz. And London's buses had taken the heavier snows of 1947 and 1962 in their stride. But now it's all about ‘elf and safety and fear of being sued. Naturally, incompetence played a part, too, because although the main roads were gritted, the side roads which led to the bus garages were not. But was all of this not just another part of God’s reply to the atheist bus campaign in Britain. The date was 2nd February,2009, a date which of course could be written as 2-2-9. Was this God is saying something like “You want signs on buses? Fine! Signs on buses it is. Note the date!”

This interesting item was reported on the 6 pm News bulletins in New Zealand on 3rd February. But there was a very interesting coincidence in the next item after the London ‘lack of buses’ story. In the ‘frozen wastes’ of ‘Northern England’, there was a most significant sign shown at a little T-junction on the A505 Royston-Newmarket road The clip, chosen by some video editor, showed a black sports car which had been wrecked beside the sign. The sign was pointing to Melbourn. Was that indicating that it was the place to look to next? And it was the next Monday, 9th February, seven days on from 'the next sign on the Buses'…..2.2.9 + 7 ….2297 ….that the NZ Herald proclaimed HELL ON EARTH, just a little to the North West of Melbourne.  The death toll continued to mount.

The Third Trip to The Tip
On Thursday, 5th February, there was a knock on our front door. We was expecting the Hospice nurse. For the past year, Jenny, has had regular visits from Judith, the nurse from the South Auckland Hospice. Jenny struggles on bravely but it is clear she is becoming more and more tired. She has terminal cervical cancer, thanks to the incompetence of the NZ cervical screening system and a bungled cervical cone procedure. However despite not trusting the doctors and going along with their slash and burn treatments, she has survived for over eight years. God said to us both all those years ago ‘Trust me or trust them.” She chose wisely, trusting in her instincts, the signs which she saw and the signs which I saw. Had she trusted the medical ‘experts’ it has become abundantly clear over the last couple of years that she would have been in the grave long ago.

But it was not Judith. It was our next door neighbour, Alan Blake. We share his trailer. I do the repairs and get it through the Warrants. I refurbished it in November 2008. That is all part of the ‘Airbus’ story, which is recounted in our book Balanced Observations. The trailer, now high-sided, was three quarters full of garden rubbish and tree prunings as we were tidying up our section. Alan needed the trailer urgently to help his brother move house. He had just had a phone call out of the blue. His brother had to be out of his rented property that afternoon. Rather curiously, a couple of weeks earlier, I had been ‘told’ by ''the Voice'' that I wouldn’t be taking the trailer to the tip again. However, I had been forced to start filling it again with garden rubbish as we tried to get to grips with the heavy growth in our rather neglected but extensive garden. I had'nt been able to see how what ''the Voice'' had told me could be right, as the trailer was now three-quarters full of trees cuttings. But now, with Alan’s urgent requirement for the trailer, what ''the Voice'' had told me was now being proved correct in a way I could never have imagined.

I quickly gathered up some more rubbish from our garden to fill the trailer and helped Alan rope it off. Then he took the trailer to the tip and emptied it for me so he could use it to ‘do the removal’. I had given him the $40 which the tip charged for a trailer load of garden waste and as requested, he had brought back the weighbridge receipt. Jenny had found it stuck in our door handle just after midnight on 6th February when she went to check the cats. One glance at it explained why he had been ‘caused’ to take the trailer when he did. The first thing that my eye was drawn to was the time, 2.29 pm. The time of the final weighing had been 2.29 pm. Was this not confirming that the time now is indeed the ‘time of 229’? In the Alpha and Omega Codes, 229 means the Apocalypse, the time of The Last Judgement, the Final Weighing for mankind. This was the third visit of the refurbished trailer to the tip, but only the second weighing. More deaths were indicated, but where and how?

The weight recorded on the receipt was 230 kg, erroneous because neither Alan nor the weighbridge woman understood much about basic physics. Alan had driven his car off the weighbridge so that only the trailer wheels were left on it, thinking that would give the trailer weight directly.  But he forgot about the down-load on the car tow-bar. It's a three-point suspension-two wheels and the tow ball. You should add another 50 to 60 kg for the towbar load.

But perhaps Alan had to make that mistake. Perhaps it had to be around 230 kg. The weighbridge weighs only to 10 kg accuracy. So, was it actually 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231 or 232 kg? Only God knows, but they are all significant…. linking to Ra, to God, to his covenant, the new covenant, Revelation, the end of the world and God's inspiration. .But the time was absolutely definitive. The time of that weighing was 2.29 pm on 5th February. We do indeed live in the End Times.

A link to Victoria and Another Link to Death. 
And death was indeed about to come. The clue to the location of death to come lay in the date.  Jenny gave the weighbridge receipt to me just after midnight on 6th February. It is the one day in the year when the ‘good people of New Zealand’ remember the Queen Empress, Victoria; or at least the Maoris do.   For the rest, it’s just another holiday, a lazy day of beach, bach, garden or of course, shopping. 6th February 1840 was the day the Maori chiefs signed the Treat of Waitangi in the presence of the representatives of the Queen Empress. Henceforth they were all to be subjects of the Queen Empress and her rightful heirs and successors.

Today all you hear about is the rights of the descendants of the Maori chiefs. Since the early 1990s, the Treaty of Waitangi has grown into an entire industry, now a lawyer's gravy train which does for rich Maoris what the National Party does for the rest of New Zealand.  Both help the rich get richer, while dressing it up as 'helping their people'.    'The Treaty' is an enormous drain on the New Zealand taxpayer, and a seemingly never ending one.  Originally it was  to be capped at $1 billion but by 2012 it had become apparent that was going to be woefully inadequate.  More and more more fanciful claims emerge to right notional wrongs from the past.  Who would have imagined 'indigenous rights' to 3G wavebands?  The American Indians could learn a lot, but I doubt the white Americans would be so accommodating. 

But, whatever the cultural significance of Waitangi Day for others, its cultural significance for us was its clue to the location of the deaths to come, in the reminder of Victoria, the great Queen Empress after whom the Australian state was named. It was given to us in the manner of crossword clue.  Once again it was Jenny who found the clue at just the right time. 

And there was another significant coincidence, more evidence of destiny, because 6th February is not only a key date in the history of New Zealand, it is also a key date for the present Queen of Britain.  6th February carries the connotation of death,  that of her father King George VI who died in the early hours of 6th February 1952 at Sandringham.  ( So 6th February 2012 marked the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elisabeth II to the British throne.  Various ill-informed young women TV reporters spoke of her Ascension Day.  They seemed to be under the mistaken impression that in 1952 Elizabeth had become a goddess.  She actually only become Queen.  It could be that  the reporters took the divine right of the monarch too literally, or it could be that they were just badly educated.)

So there in the clues from the weighbridge docket on 5th February, were Victoria, death, Judgement and the Apocalypse.

Clues And Cues
On Saturday 7th February, Jenny had an appointment for her Qi Gong Chinese massage at Mt. Roskill. She had found these treatments helpful for pain relief over the previous eight years. It was to be a one-off Saturday visit. We had always gone on a Wednesday, but it was now going to be changed to another day - yet to be fixed. I had just filled the car with petrol at the Clevedon Road garage. Jenny hadn't been feeling too well earlier that morning and suddenly realised she hadn’t had any breakfast. So, after I had bought petrol, she had gone into the garage and bought a sausage roll. She didn’t look carefully at the packet. It was just a sausage roll. I decided to wait until we got to Mt. Roskill and get a much better and cheaper pie from the bakery at the top of the hill on the Dominion Road Extension.

As we came down to the end of Wiri Station Road where that road crosses the North Island main trunk railway, I suddenly caught sight of a movement in the sky to my left.  I looked across and there was this enormous plane, one of the brand-new Emirates A380s about to land.  That flight from Sydney was the only A380 flight into New Zealand.  It only operated a few days a week.  In fact Jenny and I had both photographed the inaugural flight of an Emirates A380 from Sydney, as it came in low over Manukau city directly above the Twin Towers office block, just five days earlier on 2nd February, the 2.2.9.  (Later that very day London lost all of its buses.)

I couldn't help but feel that the total system failure on my Nikon D70 camera that morning at Takanini on our way to photograph that inaugural  Emirates A380  was connected with the future of somebody's A380.  It was the first time I had suffered such a failure in four years of using Nikon digital cameras..... I felt that it was as significant as that 'conjunction of 739 with 557' had been at Auckland airport in June 1995.  That disaster conjunction had predicted  the Perpignan air disaster of November, 2008with an uncanny, almost eerie accuracy.  Time will tell whether this is indeed to be 'The Seventh Sign'. 

After visiting the bakery, I had gone up to the top of Mt. Roskill, the extinct volcano, now a potable water reservoir, and had a rest beneath the ‘sign of the star’.

On our return to Papakura, we found a queue of traffic on the railway bridge not far from our home. Fortunately it was going, or rather hoping to go, in the opposite direction to us. It was rather unusual to see such heavy traffic on a Saturday tea-time. The wonderful new traffic lights at the cemetery were the main reason for the queue. I noticed a truck in the queue, in the middle of the railway bridge, and thought it was one of the Winstone rock trucks. Those rock trucks, with registration numbers like ROCK 23 reminded me of the rocks from space. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 turned out to be a train of asteroids, 23 in number which struck Jupiter, in succession, in July 1994 producing the most powerful impacts which man has ever witnessed. But this time, I was wrong. The lead truck was a general haulage truck, but one which had a very significant number plate, CUE 557….Behind it there was indeed a Winstone rock truck whose registration plate was ROCK 17. Was the first truck indeed cue-ing another 557 event, and the second a reference to what the event was to be, a coded reference to when The Fire Came By? But there was another clue, sitting on the back seat of our car, a clue which neither Jenny Noor I, would have understood at that moment in time. But the Source knew that that clue was there and knew its precise significance. I was to discover it a few days later, when the time was right.

Hell on Earth
As those clues, those signs were given to us in Auckland on that Saturday afternoon the inferno was beginning to ravage populated parts of the Australian State of Victoria. But it was only on the Sunday evening, that the news began to break on the New Zealand television news. By then it was thought that 35 people had died. On Monday morning, 9th February, the NZ Herald carried a large front page headline – HELL ON EARTH – 84 dead, 700 homes destroyed, 2000 sq km of fire – set on a background of ‘Blaze’. Remember how in February 1996, the shop Blaze had been brought to our attention, the shop at 557 Parramatta Road. Was this the meaning of the coincidence of the two trucks waiting in the queue just up from the cemetery lights, CUE 557 followed by ROC K 17, a reminder of ‘when the fire came by’

It takes something really dramatic for the NZ Herald to depart from the NZ–focussed trivia which normally fill its front page! Kevin Rudd, the Australian Prime Minister’s words were: “Hell in all its fury has visited the good people of Victoria in the last twenty four hours.” But they were not all good. Hell visited them all, good and bad alike. Yes, hell was certainly real for them, in this world. But was it not all intended to be just part of a greater canvas, part of the Judgement codes? Yes, hell is indeed real.

The 10th February edition of the NZ Herald carried an account by a senior reporter from The Australian, which left me wondering which planet the fire planners live on. Here was a man who had been trained by the Rural Fire Service – expecting to be able to use plastic hose pipes and plastic buckets to fight fires…. Had the trainers any experience of what happens when the fire comes by? It was a most interesting article – clearly indicating how the fire took everyone by surprise. He’d had twenty-five years of safety and security on his hill in eastern Victoria. I’ve had twenty-five years of anything but security, Jenny twenty three years. We have tried to follow the signs, guidance from a Source which lies outside space and time, a Source which has led us to where we are today – in a not very fashionable area of South Auckland, fulfilling our destinies, going about our everyday lives and finding them full of strange coincidences, linking us to world events far away….. proving to a world that doesn't care, that God really does exist.

And why did my neighbour have to take the trailer? Was it because his name is Blake, a reminder of his namesake William Blake’s portrayal of an aspect of God – The Ancient of Days – the old man with a beard and the dividers measuring with absolute precision. It is a painting which now hangs on our dining room wall. I flicked through the NZ Herald over breakfast – coming to the world news section, no longer a section in its own right, but for reasons of economy, recently relegated to a position inside the main paper. And there I discovered another very significant coincidence. A picture of a burnt-out trailer – exactly like the one weighed off at 2.29 pm on 5th February by Alan Blake. I photographed the picture next to our William Blake painting.

Truth In Death
Death is the way of the world, the one thing that is certain. After all, the rich manage to avoid taxes, thanks to creative accountants, but no professional, caring or otherwise, can save them from the Grim Reaper and the subsequent Judgement. Many thousands of people do die, every single day around the world. But modern man is childlike in his approach to death. X,Y have gone to peace, gone to Jesus….are in another room…, gone to the light....Which priest dares to suggest they’ve gone to Judgment and possibly then to Hell? No, children mustn’t be scared by bogeyman stories. And modern men - and women are just children, emotional cripples who prefer to be shielded from the reality, that all are answerable for everything they do. It's all about the gospel of Richard and Ariana now. There is no God - stop worrying, enjoy your life, spend, spend, spend, consume, consume, consume, have fun, enjoy. But spare a thought for the planet. Stop using plastic bags.

The ancients could cope with the truth. The concept is graphically clear in the 19th Dynasty Egyptian Books of the Dead which date from around 1300 BC. The dead go to Judgement, and thence to heaven or to hell. Of course, even in ancient Egypt, the assumption was always, “They’ve gone to the Elysian Fields of Paradise”. Naturally the rich could pay for more expensive papyrus scrolls, with more chapters and so naturally got a better guarantee of passing the Judgment. After all, they had purchased a ‘top of the range’ ‘afterlife care’ product. It is so interesting to see that corrupt and lazy priests are nothing new. But, at least the Judgement was shown in the Books Of The Dead . No priest today dares even talk about God’s Judgement. Such talk really would put off the ever-declining number of punters who don't fill the churches. Instead, all that you get in church after church, whatever the denomination, is love, forgiveness and ‘Jesus saves’. But what if they're wrong?

Part of the purpose of the Victorian fires is to reiterate to godless modern man that Hell is real. Americans are supposedly the most churchgoing folk on the planet and 90% of them apparently believe in heaven. But only 10% believe in hell. Now isn't that convenient?

One purpose of our research is to make people wonder about a deeper meaning in disaster. Otherwise, all these deaths really are in vain. John Brumby, the Premier of Victoria, said, “Such tragic loss of life must never happen again.” It was rather silly comment. More deaths are inevitable because of the unwise choices which people make and because of the incompetence and corruption of bureaucrats and politicians. With the increase in global warming and more and more unsuitable, indefensible places chosen for habitation, more deaths are inevitable. You can rest assured that far worse is to come.

Red Embers
I discovered another piece of the Jigsaw only last night, another piece of vital evidence, the pointer that Something knows exactly what is to come and chooses to give us signs in our everyday personal lives. After eating most of that sausage roll in the car on our way to Mt. Roskill, on Saturday, 7th February Jenny had left a bit of it in the packet. I’d noticed the part of the sausage roll left in the cellophane packet, on the back seat of the car that afternoon. But I had a steak and mushroom pie to eat and there was also a sausage roll from the bakery. So, I’d left that bit in the cellophane in case Jenny felt like eating it on the way home, after her Qi Gong massage. Jenny must have brought it into the house after we got home. I noticed it for the first time on the kitchen bench around 6.30 pm on 10th February, so I picked it up, intending to throw it out. Only then did I see the label on the packet. On the cellophane, beside a little printed fire sign were the words RED EMBERS. It’s called Red Embers because it’s a very hot sausage roll – chilli – bit of a contradiction in terms of homophones…

I suddenly remembered that that was what the bush fire survivors had spoken of – the showers of red embers flying past them. Jenny had bought that sausage roll around 12:30 pm, some seven hours before the fire came by the haven on the top of the hill in Victoria

The very next morning, 11th February, those same words ‘Red Embers’ were repeated in the NZ Herald on its front page. Also on that front page was the very prominent ‘con’ photo of the koala ‘saved by the fireman….’ As Marcus Lush put it, a little later, on New Zealand local radio – “after carrying out the back burning that burned the koala in the first place.” But journalists do so like to go for the ‘good news’ bits, all very emotive. One letter writer later said the Herald deserved an award for the photo. The Herald would be bound to print that letter wouldn't they. What a pity it was dishonest. But, it was beneath the ‘heartwarming photo’ that were to be found the words, “It was like a snowstorm of red embers,” this was said by Sherill Carta of the Kinglake inferno. Separated from her husband Bill who had tried to rescue his Harley, she had gone off in the car with their two dogs. But she had to abandon the car and continuity her dash toward the town on foot. It was one of the few good luck stories. The couple were re-united in the Accident And Emergency Department of Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital.

But even the name Kinglake, the other fire-ravaged community, has a strange connectionIt brought us straight back to an Airbus.  See  The Kingslake Airbus

Two days later came the next sign on London's Buses.  On the 9th February 2009,  2.2.9,   there weren't any.   It was a sign of what will happen  at the time of 229.  There will be no buses.......  and no people either.... That message was confirmed very powerfully in July 2011 by the actions of Anders Breivik.

But seven days later still, on Jenny's birthday, her last in this world, there came a curious little addition to the fire picture,  Again it was at Kinglake...and Advent... back to the first Airbus crash

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