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Understanding the Jessica Code

This page came out of the Site Home page because of a series of meaningful coincidences on the morning of 1st October, 2012.  The generation is shown at Meaningful Coincidence - No Myth - Live Update

The site also illustrates the hypocrisy of television people, producers and presenters, their claims to inform thinly disguising the real purpose of television being entertainment and profitability.  The programmes merely confirm their own prejudices, as do the 'offerings' of journalists to their own particular deities.  A prize example of this was drawn to my attention just a few days ago. ( at this point I felt I should check the exact date.  It was  c 1am on 14th September, 2012.  In searching for that in 'my system'  I suddenly saw a fascinating connection regarding the name Jessica.  It proves  categorically that Spiegelhalter is WRONG.

 Jessica Reed is a senior Guardian journalist, the commissioning sub-editor? of the article referred to below.  I felt someone had told Spiegelhalter to write the shallow sceptics style article which he obviously knocked off quickly to get on to things more to his taste, less to his mirth.   That was obvious when her exact role became clear in her comments as 'moderator' for the readers replies.  However she had another 'role' which neither she nor I knew.   But the Source did.  It had  all planned in meticulous detail.  And I did not even realise this plan until this morning 1st October at 8:59.  The Voice had just told me to publish the new Airbus Codes site now. Instead I discover yet more meanings in the coincidences of last Saturday.   Suddenly now I see it all. Jessica Reed is  another 'actor on the stage'.  Even her surname.  Reed ........Read all about it !!!  as they used to say, before people became too dumb and just watched the news on TV/ipads/iphones..... Mind, there have been other striking signs of destiny in people's names in recent months Louise Trappitt and Leanne Greer spring to mind.

So was it Jessica Reed's destiny to be a journalist?  She was certainly meant to be a key element in 'The Meaning of EXisteNZ' which I was about to write this morning.  But she was an element I had not seen until now. 9.33am (computer clock)  Its really is all about Knowing indeed .  Back to MIT etc.  Photo of screen at 9:33 on my camera shows time 9:47:06.  Too late Crede Signo.

For the name Jessica was very soon emphasised to me at the centre of an incredibly powerful web of really meaningful coincidences.  So I was meant to find this trite and facile article on coincidence by Spiegelhalter at just the right time because JESSICA was to be at the focus of another set of warnings at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway on Saturday 29th September, day 229+7 of year 229+7.  JESSICA was at the heart of the convergence code 946x507x946.  It is obvious to me that I had been led to find the Guardian Article and see the interest in the topic in Britain and the attitudes of the opinion-formers at just the right time.  The precision of God's design in both time and space was astonishing even to me.  For five days after I discovered the Jessica Reed article, the Source knew I would be at the centre of a new JESSICA/507 web of very meaningful coincidences echoing back to Advent 2011 and forwards to what is to come just before Easter in 2015.  For a little more on DE507 see The Black Screens of Death

Once again,  just as with God's reply 'on the buses and the planes (Airbuses) to the Guardian-driven atheist bus campaign God was spelling out through the same locations as with Advent and Christmas 2012, where the end sequences to my book  Predestination occurred, a repeat message to the Guardian and its hordes of 'rationalists' ..... You're all wrong....  But now God showing His flexibility, so different from the narrow, boring atheists chose to use signs on trains.... And I was summoned to be in the right place time at the right time because I heard a 'Streak' whistle at home whilst I was in the middle of writing about coincidence and destiny.  I followed the clues and was led to JESSICA at the heart of a brilliant web of destiny.

Meaningful coincidences  reveal to the truth, however much shallow journalists such as David Spiegelhalter derive satisfaction from making light of a real phenomenon and mocking  people who wonder at incredibly thought-provoking things that happen in their lives.   His article of Monday, 6th December 2010 13.11 GMT,  in the Guardian can be found at   The Myth of Meaningful Coincidence  He begins with a summary: 

There is a strong tendency to find patterns and meaning in our lives, but the truth is unlikely things happen very frequently  ........
and proceeds to trot out so many of the same tired arguments the sceptics always trot out..... birthdays of a group in a room etc.   Hence the 'inspired 'photo of a birthday cake to illustrate the article for the really feeble-minded to enable them to recall birthdays.... .   Journalists like Spiegelhalter  always go for the easy things to calculate the odds.  They should try some really unlikely things, like our air disaster prophecy coincidence codes... the repeat of 557.... Don't tell me it is subjective.  The numbers are there.  The question is can it really all be chance?  But they have a one-size-fits-all  answer........ 'The problem is ill-defined'  ...ie the real world is  too hard for us.  We'll stick to hands at playing cards and birthdays...  

When I have time I will write up in more detail the intricate events of Saturday, 29th September, 2012. See Hearing the Streak  and Predestination abc to DE

But, I suddenly realise as I type this that there is much more evidence of Intelligent Design.   Saturday was in fact a most important anniversary.  It was  28 years to the day since the Housewarming party that changed my life, Saturday, 29th September, 1984.  That party led to my wife's affair, which soon finished our marriage.  She wanted to be free.  I was the only problem in her life.  Change your husband and everything becomes rosy.  Mr Right would be a much better husband and a much better father....But analysis was never Margaret's strong point.  She had been a teacher.

Instead of freeing herself, Margaret freed me, to discover in the process, Spiritualism and the reality of a Source of communication from beyond our material world of space and time. My real education was only just beginning.  I am not a Spiritualist though.  They are far too narrow. Almost all of them stop at where I had got to by late 1985.  See A Spiritualist CV for CU. Having been led to London in July 1985, I was able to investigate Spiritualism in so much more depth.  And in that process I found a new wife.  Jenny was God's choice.  Jenny showed me what a real wife should be.  God's choice proved so much better than had mine.  But having given Jenny to me in February, 1986, He chose to take her back in April, 2009 as part of the final proof that all of our theories are absolutely correct.  The Airbus Codes warn of what lies beyond the grave and give the proof of survival of death.  They are woven intricately around hundreds of deaths.  But one key death lies at the centre of the web.  And that death is Jenny's.

When I set off to find out about the Streak whistle I was on Folder 449 on my D7000 camera.  I take a lot of photos.  Nikon SLRs are brilliant for reliability.  And I only changed to Nikon from Pentax because of a chance encounter in the Subaru scrapyard, c2002,  alongside the railway in Waiuku where Saturday's events took place.  Why does 449 matter?  Because it is Jenny's death code.  She died on our 19th Wedding Anniversary, 14.4.9.   We were officially married on 14.4.90.  The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away indeed.  (Cranmer - 1549  First ever Book of Common Prayer)  And No19 too was part of the webs of destiny woven around New Year 2012.  It just happens to be another 'Streak'.  See my train book  Predestination, abc or A-Z  A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny.  I will now have to add  a brief final summary chapter of the events of day  229+7 in year 229+7.   It's all such powerful proof of deatiny.

I had began folder 449 with Letterman the night before, with David Cameron guest appearance.  Why do they want to lower themselves to the level of film stars or American 'personalities'?  John Key NZ's PM made the same stupid mistake some while back.  Perhaps its destiny... The Idol has feet of clay.....The TV1 late night news had a short item about Cameron's gaffes, following directly after Royal Bodyguard.... (Nice Touch that remembering the pub) .  That made me wonder if Prime TV would show the full thing that night as they have Letterman's ghastly show, with all its Yank in-jokes, every single weekday night.  And it was indeed the Cameron special... Rule Britannia.. Tell me Mr Prime Minister.....   So British  but  who wrote it?   'I'll go for Handel.. " said Cameron.  I knew he was wrong with that.  Thomas Arne came into my mind... Later Letterman gave the answers.  It was written by .............. and set to music by Thomas Arne. 

But the events at Glenbrook Railway station at lunchtime, on Sunday 30th September, when I made the 40km trip back to the railway, for various reasons, produced another vital part of the Code, reminding me immediately of Cameron and another Sunday lunch... reported in the newspapers on 11th July 2012.  He and Sam Cam were so busy with themselves, they both forgot their daughter in the pub.......She was in the toilet.  The pub was called The Plough and the lapse of memory led to the images in the Sun  of 'the Kings daughter with no face'     It was all back to Bram Stoker's inspiration in his 1902 story, The Jewel of the Seven Stars, the constellation of the Plough, predicting my future in 1986, my being given Ankhsoun's story,  as part of the proof that there is life after death.... But there is a rider.  It's only if you are worth it and the Spiritualists never got that far in their studies.

Reformatted into Doomsday rainbow format because MS Front Page no longer supported  by web hosting servers  22nd January 2015, 6:55pm. Updated 6th March 2015 4:45pm. 

The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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