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This was the article deemed too long or too controversial for Cornerstone.  As a compromise between various people in the organisation, it would seem, it was circulated as a stand-alone separate A4-sized document with the October 2009 edition of Cornerstone. Two weeks later the DVD of Knowing was released in New Zealand, on 14th October, 2009to be precise.  The action in the film begins on the night of 12th October, 2009.  Prof Koestler cracks the 'Prophecy Code' during the night of 13th-14th October.  Incidentally,  14th October 2012 marks 946 years of the English royal line all the way from Hastings.  It is time for the Hammer of God for the House of Windsor.  9:49pm 23/9/12.

Spiritualism Close Up, yes close up indeed and Close Up close up Too  !

I was most disappointed with the TV1 Close-Up television item on Spiritualism broadcast on 18th June. It was very much an example of shonky journalism. I am a scientist who has studied the paranormal for 25 years, especially Spiritualism. Originally the producer, Chris Lynch wanted me to be involved with this programme, to critically appraise the Spiritualists, but he changed his mind when later I said things he didn't want to hear. His interest in Spiritualism had been awakened on a website and this led to his project. From his cursory investigation of a dozen Spiritualist churches in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland over a few months, Lynch concluded that it is all fraud. He had difficulty finding mediums willing to take part in his programme and looking at the programme it's not hard to see why. Other mediums have had bad experiences with television in the past. These programmes always seem to come out the same.

Ken Pretty was not the best person to represent Spiritualism, although he was very happy with TV cameras. The real truth lies in between Pretty and Lynch. The question is whether either has any real interest in truth. Ken Pretty hates me making notes, writing down what is said in services and he told me this quite angrily during the service filmed by Close-Up on 14th June. But afterwards, he insisted that the heated exchange was edited out of the TV footage. It suited Lynch too, because he didn't want to hear what I had to say either.

Ken Pretty likes to make it all fun and he's not the only one who has this distorted view of Spiritualism. Judy Kerr Brown and her little groups, go round the churches for evenings of spirit communication. Under the title ‘Inspired Wings’ they invite you to a ‘fun night’. It's all about getting the punters in and at $20 a head, it's not exactly cheap. I went to one 'performance' in Papakura on 1st May, 2009. There was another performance in Howick on 27th June. The Air New Zealand pilot who died on the A320 Airbus at Perpignan, last November, also came from Howick. I doubt his wife sees his death as a joke, an opportunity for an evening of fun. And I am only too well aware, personally, of the fact that death is no joke, not an opportunity for an evening filled with fun and laughter. Real communication from the spirits of the dead is never about fun. When the real spirits of the dead communicate, it is to give us meaningful messages, to tell us about themselves now, or to tell us about ourselves or sometimes to tell us about God. Death is not about fun. Death is about truth.

Their approach is offensive and deeply hurtful. ‘THERE IS NO DEATH’, is the big sign on the wall at the Spiritualist Alliance and in various other churches. It is an easy slogan and a deeply offensive lie. Tell that to anyone who has touched the stone cold body of someone they cared about, someone who cared about them. Death is real all right but so is life after death. And Spiritualism can on rare occasions produce convincing evidence of that. Unfortunately this is not the norm, rather the exception. Generally speaking, the Spiritualists have lost the plot.

Yes, in many ways Lynch's conclusions are spot on. Most Spiritualist churches are appallingly bad adverts for Spiritualism being anything but a sham. They have been taken over by the New Agers with a vengeance. Most have these awful ‘love’ pop songs in their purple folders, supposedly so symbolic of ‘spirituality’. How does singing slushy, American, love songs, in sing-along to a CD player, enhance spirit communication in any shape or form? ‘Raising the vibrations’ is what the con merchants will tell you. What nonsense ! ‘Moving with the times to attract the youth’ is a more honest answer several church leaders have given me. Unfortunately the Christians have gone down exactly the same drain.

Everywhere in the Spiritualist churches, the New Age mantras of reincarnation, past lives, planning your blueprint for your next incarnation, etc are trotted out as though they are facts. They have absolutely nothing to do with real Spiritualism. These are Eastern doctrines, once popular with hippies, that have been imported wholesale into the mainstream. The real Spiritualists have allowed the New Agers to take them over, with their comfortable false doctrines and dogmas almost worthy of Catholicism. It is perhaps noteworthy that the Catholics teach that the Spiritualists do the work of the devil. Once again the real truth lies somewhere in the middle.

I have discovered much in Spiritualism from my twenty five years research. A lot of it is a con, not necessarily by the medium, sometimes on the medium. Many mediums are confused and do not understand the links they are being given or the symbolism involved. Nor do the recipients of the messages understand the processes either. The best that can be said is that probably the majority of mediums are well-meaning but the majority are also not very competent. And they do not appear to connect to the real spirits of the dead very often. There is a lot of delusion, and also with some, far too much ego.

Yet, over the course of a quarter of a century, I have been enabled to gather powerful evidence that the spirits of the dead can on occasion link to us, spontaneously, not on demand for conveniently timed church services or cosy lucrative theatre performances or even more lucrative workshops. And these genuine communications can be externally authenticated, often in very thought provoking ways. They are intended to make us think, those of us who still can, that is.

Even in Spiritualist churches sometimes, some mediums do give uncannily accurate information. But it is telling that the messages are so often trite and trivial. How often do you hear the message given as ‘lots of love from spirit’. In other words there isn’t a message at all. The triviality of the messages apparently convinces Ken Pretty that the connections are genuine, at least so he said in his Close-Up interview. Have the spirits of the dead no more wisdom to convey, nothing better to do with their time than give vague messages that there might be a holiday on the horizon or their might be something coming in the post? And then of course there's the old chestnut ‘Everything will work out okay. So, don't worry about it.’

And too many women in particular imagine that a medium can tell them the future, can give them reliable guidance in the things that matter in their lives. The truth is that there are things that can give them guidance in their lives, things that can speak directly to them, not just through intuition, either. There are little signs and pointers all round in everyday life, but the trick is learning to read them. There is something real beyond the material world, a real Source of intelligence that can guide you, if you're worth it.

Is it really just chance that on the very day that I spoke at length to Chris Lynch, strange coincidences predicted to me a coming Airbus crash, just as they had before the Lockerbie air disaster in December 1988 and the Air New Zealand Airbus A320 crash at Perpignan in November 2008. I mentioned to him the strange elements of prophecy in our experiences before those two disasters, during our phone conversation on 27th May.

Early in May, One Radio NZ producer had told me that I sounded like Nick Cage's character in his latest film. He meant Knowing, although he couldn't remember its title. And in many ways he was spot on. The only difference is that my work is not fiction. In the film Nick Cage's character Professor Koestler cracks the disaster code by noticing the number sequence 91101 and realising that it is a reference to the attack on the World Trade Center, which brought down the Twin Towers. And, exactly as in the film, the Twin Towers, the IRD offices in Manukau city, were at the centre of some strange coincidences on 27th May, the day I spoke to Chris Lynch. Those ‘coincidences’ showed me that a plane crash was due. It had to be an Airbus. On 31st May an Air France Airbus A330, crashed in the Atlantic, proving my code was right, just as in Knowing, a plane crash proves Professor Koestler's code cracking is correct. I tried to explain a little of this to Chris Lynch, but he didn't want to know. It didn't fit with his belief system that ‘it's all rubbish.’

In a conversation after the crash of Air France Flight 447, when I pointed out to him the latest pattern repeat in prophecy, Lynch totally lost interest in talking to me. He had been keen to have me in for an interview because I am a scientist and I had crossed swords with Ken Pretty in the past. But it is too easy to take Lynch's line. It’s the skeptics line, although initially he didn't admit that. He posed as an open-minded investigator. However, I was a conundrum. As a scientist, I was very critical of a lot of what the Spiritualists say and do, but at the same time I refused to dismiss it all as rubbish. Even worse I come up with things that are impossible for a ‘rationalist’ to explain. He didn't want to get involved with evidence that suggests that the skeptics might be wrong, that there is a reality beyond the grubby, selfish, materialist world of the skeptic. Lynch is definitely wrong in concluding that Spiritualism is all a fraud. There is something there, even if not always what the Spiritualists claim it to be. Let the Skeptics explain my ‘coincidences’. Chance is not an explanation that should satisfy a really rational mind. The odds against chance are astronomical. But the alternatives are altogether too disturbing for very many people.

There is a lot here to make people wonder. Lynch finally admitted that he had replaced me on the programme with a psychologist, to put across the scientific viewpoint. What did it matter that psychology is not a real science and psychologists always have a vested interest in pretending that ‘It's all in the mind’. It is their belief system. They are such experts on the mind and always remarkable for their vast experience of the paranormal. But it was just the arch skeptic Vicki Hyde who was trotted out, in another guise, as the psychologist. And in Close-Up the discussion was just the usual sterile exchange between her and Pretty. “There is no proof of life after death - Yes there is - No there isn't - Prove it - I do everyday - It's not under our controlled conditions “ etc etc etc. It was a lost opportunity to make people really wonder.

There is powerful evidence that Something, some Source of intelligence chooses to orchestrate meaningful coincidence to authenticate communication from the spirits of the dead. I have had some very interesting evidence in that regard in the last few weeks in several Spiritualist demonstrations. I prefer to call that source God, and I don't mean Jesus. Unfortunately few Spiritualists are interested in the broader picture. Very few question anything. But why should they be any different from other believers? Few Christians really question and even fewer Muslims question. They daren't. The real truth would appear to lie somewhere in the middle between these three religions. And it is real Spiritualism that has helped me to arrive at that truth.

Dr Brian Cocksey

01/07/2009 14:29:27

Edited 01/07/2009 15:32:55

Final Edit 01/07/2009 15:57:53

For Cornerstone.
 This article was adapted from an article which I had first written to Mike McRoberts  the TV3 news reader who touts himself as investigative journalist and plays the part of roving reporter from disaster zone around the world, or even  close to home, viz Christchurch..the foundation of Spiritualist mediums publishes a newsletter quarterly.  It is called Cornerstone it was the secretary of the foundation who had given Chris Lynch my name.  Natalie knew I had been involved with the scientific investigation of Spiritualism for many years.  Natalie agreed with almost all of my criticisms of the Spiritualist churches of today, as did many other older Spiritualists.  However higher powers in the organisation disliked my article being used in the magazine.  As a compromise, it seems,  it was circulated as a separately folded document with the October 2010 edition of Cornerstone.  4:01pm 3rd September, 2012

Added for The Airbus Codes 11:19:40  23rd September, 2012 (Anniversary of my being given membership card 2297 to enable me to borrow a video of The Seventh Sign, 1989.  Also the anniversary of Jenny's brother, Pete's death in 1979 from carbon monoxoide poisoning - a faulty gas water heater in a Portugal holiday flat. But there was no $10m 'blood money revenge payout here.  Pete did not die in a 'terrorist atrocity' that was an affront to a 'precious' flag, like Lockerbie.  Ironically, before his death, through Pete had been Jenny's only encounter with Spiritualism.  Everywhere, there is evidence of design and now, more and more, the warning of God's Justice.)


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