2nd Cycle - MS804


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  The Second Cycle of Airbus Crashes    Post MS804

8th Germanwings 4U9525 A320 24/3/16  Doomsday-5
 So tied in to Erebus and to destiny and Airbus crash No1 Perpignan.  And the message of this parable?  There is a higher power.  You are not in control of your destiny.

9th Air Canada, AC624  Halifax Nova Scotia. A320 29/3/15 - Doomsday
Another miracle just like Airbus No2 US1549 and so very neatly connected too.  US 1539 was brought down by a flock of Canada geese.  Remember , Frankenstein and the curious find in the Canadian arctic waters Erebus and the message of US 1549.  Miracles are not what they seem.

10th  Russian Metrojet 9268 Sinai A320 31/10/15
Blown out of sky by an Egyptian al qaeda bomb on a key date in the Codes of fate and very much a warning to Putin over what he was doing to Libya. .  Did he register it?  No more than the Americans registered the warning over Lockerbie.  He just bombed all the more.  So like the Yanks...

11th Egyptair MS181 29/3/16 A330 Doomsday + 1 year precisely.
Egypt again....   Hijacked en route from Cairo to Alexandria and flown to Cyprus.  Egypt is most important in the Codes of fate, specifically with respect to the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians about death and God...but also because of the connection of Egypt to the Second Coming and the End of the World.

12th Egyptair MS804 19/5/16 exactly 7 days after something caused me to write Pending on.10th May 2016 10:03pm.  So Egyptair again.  The Airbus codes began with Perpignan and code 446 which came to mean Judgement on death in the Codes of Fate. MS804 was a flight from Paris to Cairo which crahed into the mediterranean 33km N of Alexandria. It vanished from Flight Radar at 1229.22 UT 2.29.33 Cairo time.

229 is the code for the Apocalypse since 1988 see 7th Sign and for The Judgement of God via the death of the 6th Earl of carnarvon on 22nd September 1987, the very night we got our first exhibition of Egyptian paintings in Dundee. The play was Agatha Christie's Murder on the Nile.

933 is the final code for the End of the world in Knowing 9EE. Is it all chance or is there something orchestrating all of this .

. 229 is the code for the ApocalypseAirbus Crashes But there are so many other connections when you del deeper

Design?  It has to be.  15th June 2018

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