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The Real Message of Perpignan - Judgement on Death

1.  A Busy Day for Us - 28th November, 2008
That day, Jenny and I finally got round to finishing something which had been a 'work in progress' for a long time.  We had been tidying up our extensive garden, the classic Kiwi quarter-acre section, over the space of quite a few weeks.  I had repaired our next-door neighbour's trailer, painted it up and got it through a WoF, a Warrant of Fitness..  (Unlike in Britain, certainly as it was c1990, where trailers did not need MOT`s not caravans, both  require six monthly WOFs in New Zealand.)  I also fabricated some high sides for the trailer out of old pallets.  You got charged the same $35 whether the trailer was a normal 1 ft depth of side or 4 ft. You could get a lot more garden rubbish on if it had 4 ft sides.  The pricing was very much loaded against normal domestic users.  Jenny and I finally got it piled high and I roped it off.  As I left for the tip I glanced at my watch.  It showed 1557.  "Seems an appropriate time" I thought.  Little did I realise how incredibly appropriate it really was. I knew the privatised ex Council 'transfer station' closed at 4pm but I also knew my watch was around quarter of an hour fast.

But when I arrived at the tip, something very unusual happened. For the first time ever I was directed on to the big commercial weighbridge.  this rather tended to irk me.  More privatised money-grubbing I thought.  In the past it used to be just a flat fee  of $35 for a 6 x 4 trailer . After dumping off the garden waste, I returned to the Weybridge to have my car and trailer tared. The net weight was below the minimum weight of the old flat fee which have been fixed at 400 kg.  So it was still $35.  I asked why they had started weighing small household trailers.  The woman explained that they had had problems with people bringing in builders' rubble  hidden under general garden waste.  Concrete blocks were charged at twice the rate of garden waste, $70/ton instead of $35/ton.  No, there are no limits to the depths to which man sinks. It is called market forces.  No opportunity for a fast buck or to cut costs can be passed over.   Some people lie and cheat as easily as breathe.  That is why the spirit of Mary Magdalen was sent to warn as she did.  It is a pity the churches no longer do the same.

When I got home from the tip, I put on the Prime 5.30pm evening news.   I was astonished by the lead item.  An Air New Zealand jet jet had crashed off the coast of France.  It was exactly what I had predicted in June 1995.  But the really telling signs had been just hours before the disaster, staring me in the face on that page of the NZH Business news.  three 557 coincidences had predicted Lockerbie nineteen days in advance in December, 1988. Now two more 557 coincidences had predicted the Airbus crash 14 hours in advance. Now an Air New Zealand Airbus A320 had mirrored that graph of the plunging share price, by plunging into the Mediterranean Sea off Perpignan at 4:46pm on 27th November 2008. The 557 shown in heavy black type above the graph had been an omen for death and a plane crash.  Back home in New Zealand, the time was 4.46am on 28th November. For more on this see  557 air disaster prophecy code repeat

After the 5.30pm Prime News bulletin, we watched the coverage on TV3 at 6 pm.  More strange coincidences flowed thick and fast.  It was probably about half an hour later that the message behind it all suddenly struck me.  "Of course" I said to Jenny "I can see it all now.  For the first time ever I was sent on to the big weighbridge down the tip.  The big weighbridge like all the messages at Waikato By Products, over the years.  Its the Great Balance,  the symbol of the Last Judgement.  And seven people died on that plane.  It is all re-iterating that seven people went to Judgement.  Ra showed us the signs, the signs of 557,  indicating the crash to come.  It was an exact code repeat of Lockerbie.  How can any of them say it is just chance? But none of them will even look at it because it is 'tasteless'.  People have died so you are not allowed to say anything.  So, they always die in vain.  That's  seven more at Perpignan to add to the 270 at Lockerbie. And it was Advent again too.

Later,  I saw another element of the Cassandra Code. It had been there on the weighbridge docket from the Transfer Station all along, (and as I dictate this I am reminded again of Mary Magdalen and Easter, because that is what it is all about. Mary had warned back in 1986 about God`s judgement.  Her story is the truth about the events of the first Easter.   Another big weighbridge at Waikato By Products, processed the docket No 55700 on the day I started work in Tuakau, Wednesday of Easter week, 26th March, 1997.)

2.  The Meaning in the Coincidences
Now here was a very significant weighbridge docket conveying precisely the same message. On the afternoon of Friday, 28th November, the gross weight of my Subaru estate car and trailer was 2050 kg. The tare weight was 1730 kg. The computer did the difference calculation and indicated that I had just dumped off 320 kg of garden waste.  the time it meant nothing.  I just thought 'Bugger!!' I could have got another 80 kg of garden rubbish on for the same price.  But it had to be 320 kg not 400 kg.  It was very clear that Jenny and I had been caused to load that trailer with exactly the amount of rubbish necessary for the weighbridge to record the tare figure that it did.  And there it was the absolutely critical code number - 320 -  the Air New Zealand Airbus, an A320 had been reduced to just such a pile of rubbish, almost exactly 12 hours earlier at Perpignan, 11,500 miles away. And there had indeed been a weighing. Seven souls had gone to Judgement….on the great balance of eternity.  Thus  446 became the Cassandra code for 'Judgement on Death'.

And just think for a moment about Subaru.  That particular constellation has been heavily promoted in recent years in a newly revived 'ancient' Maori cultural festival of Matariki. but it is much more important in the real old cultures, those of Greece and Egypt.  It used to be known as the Seven Sisters or the Pleides.   Curiously in one of the illustrations I did for Ankhsoun's book, I was inspired to use that constellation in the heavens above her final journey in this world.  That was way long ago in 1987.  We did not buy our first Subaru car until we came to New Zealand in 1995, when I bought a Subaru Leone, an estate  car, of course.  Kiwis use the Yank term Station Wagon abbreviated kiwi style to just Wagon.  We bought the Subaru Legacy estate car in 2003.  Both cars proved highly reliable, but both came through God`s guidance and both reached very significant mileages, 229,000km in both cases timed to significant world events.  With the Leone that was in March 2003, with the Legacy it came in December, 2008.  It is all pointers to Destiny and Design, such a key theme on this Airbus Codes website

32 centuries ago the Egyptians used to show the last judgement as the weighing of the heart against the feather of truth ( symbolising Maat) on the great balance.  Depending on the result of the weighing, the deceased went either to the Elysian fields of paradise or to the Devourer, waiting eagerly alongside the balance.  Our codes suggest a more Medieval choice.  What the signs have implied to us is that the choice lies between the stars or the fires, a message that was powerfully re-echoed to me on 20th December 2009 on Auckland's Mount Roskill,  an extinct volcano,  and repeated on the same spot on 20th December 2010, on that occasion tied closely into Spiritualism.

It  was all so very clear, so very comprehensive.   For the first time ever in 15 years we have been using that  council tip I had never ever wants be made to go onto that commercial weighbridge.  But on the very day that Airbus crashed the woman directed me specifically onto that weighbridge.  The she was meant to do that because the source knew precisely what the weight of the rubbish which we had loaded onto the trailer was.  It is hard to conceive of the existence of such a Source of intelligence.  Certainly the mind of man can barely grasp it.  But think back to the pioneers of photography with their glass plates when Victoria was Queen.  And think now how man has managed to produce tiny memory cards which will hold thousands of photographs.   If the feeble mind of man can produce such a feat over a mere century, then just imagine what must be the capabilities of the Creator of space and time over thousands of millenia.  Man`s concept of time is basically grossly inadequate.  It is far too narrow.  I know from my own personal experience of the survival of the soul of one particular woman over 33 centuries.  She was an important part of my life for 23 years.  She still is.

3. Signs on Buses
But why did this disaster come now?  Why would  God be choosing to warn of 'Judgement on death' now, if indeed the manifold coincidences are indeed all precisely engineered?  Did this disaster have even yet another aspect?  Yes is the answer to this question.  This disaster would seem almost certainly intended as part of God's reply to the atheists with their expensive if unimaginative Signs on Buses campaign in Britain, 800 buses all with the same slogan?   The 'begging letter' for money to fund the campaign had appeared in The Guardian in London c 24th October, 2008.  The Guardian being left wing always looks  favourably on sceptics and atheism.

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The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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