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The Radio-active Tracer  - More Inspiration ??

Jenny's death in April 2009 was designed to give me accurate information about what happens when someone close to you dies.  I can see that now it was all part of God`s plan all along.  That is one of the reasons she developed cervical cancer. Suspicions were raised in July 2000 and she was finally diagnosed on 6th September, the third anniversary of Diana's funeral.  Once again that was a destiny thread which in itself gave Jenny a pointer to the right way forward. See her book  A Cancer Journey - Jenny's Odyssey of Faith.  That illness taught her so much and in a way it freed her from the authority which have been exercised for so long by others in her life, authorities like the medical establishment and her parents.

Last week, I was chatting to Michael Cocks, the Anglican priest from Christchurch, who is interested in spiritualism and meaningful coincidence, which he insists on referring to via the Jungian term, synchronicity.  He is also interested in psychology and quantum physics even but strangely not in God, certainly not in any form I could recognise, the very real God who emerges from our 30 year study of paraphysics.  God is totally external to mankind.  He cannot accept that. The oneness ideas, the god-in-each-of-us may be attractive to him and many others, but it lacks any practical evidence. All my research points to a totally separate independent external Source.  The topic of spiritualism in which he was once interested twenty years ago and which was the basis of his book The Stephen Experience seems to have vanished from his current interests and theories, which seemed to focus more on precognitive dreams, an interest he now appears to share with Carolyn Watt at the KPU in Edinburgh.  Mind Michael has been working in the field for a lot longer than has she.  She is just better connected to money people, hence her three year Perrott-Warrick grant.

I told Michael that research into spiritualism has always been important to me and still is.  Jenny`s death was a vital element in that.  Suddenly, a brilliant analogy came to me.  It had to be the analogy of a chemist, who else? ...  a physicist, of course.   Was it the spirit of Lord Rutherford linking into my mind just as he had once linked into the mind of my friend and medium Paul Edgehill on the first occasion that Paul and I met in a spiritualist church in Manurewa on 22nd August 2010? That was just 13 days before the first Christchurch earthquake. 

Days after that first devastating earthquake Michael Cocks was caused to see a strange car, or rather an ordinary car with a strange number plate, in Ruskin St, Christchurch, a few streets from his home in Christchurch.  That number plate connected him to me.  the place where he saw the car linked both of us to Oxford.  But he failed to spot that connection until I pointed it out to him.  The number plate was COCKSE.  But it would probably be pronounced the way my name is pronounced rather than his.  When I traced the origins of that car, I found that its home was a very long way from Christchurch, some 500 km away near the Marlborough Sounds, in a small place not far from Nelson.    Thanks to ignorant people who produce silly advertisements for lager, some New Zealanders are under the impression that 'New Zealand invented nuclear power', that is Lord Rutherford did.  He did not.  Others imagine that he split the atom.  He did not do that either.  He studied the radioactive decay of radium and from his studies he was able to deduce structure of the atom.  But he did none of his work in New Zealand.  He did it in Canada, Manchester and  Cambridge.

Although New Zealanders only ever talk of Lord Rutherford, I learned his full title as a young trainspotter.  At the time c1960, I just thought he was another admiral in the British Navy.  After all his name in the Jubilees come smack in the middle of a list of admirals.  Before Lord Rutherford of  Nelson comes 45664 Nelson and after him comes 45666 Cornwallis.  Neither Jubilee carried the title Lord on the nameplate, although both men were indeed ennobled.  45666 Cornwallis is singularly significant but that is too much of a digression for now.  It was not long after Paul's message to me,  that  I suddenly remembered a trainspotting experience at Manchester Victoria, one which left an impression on me because it was so unusual.  I was over beside  platform 17 one summer Saturday afternoon, probably in 1961, just across from Boddington's Brewery where my father worked.  You could not get onto the platforms.  Trainspotters were banned.  A Jubilee came in to Platform 14, I think,  with what must have been a Saturday extra for Glasgow.  It was an engine I had  never seen before and would never see again.  It was obviously a Scottish engine because of its large St Rollox numbers - 45665.  But what was particularly noticeable was its double row nameplate, LORD RUTHERFORD OF NELSON.  ( Trying to recreate an image of it on a computer makes you realise how good the men were who made it in brass  in the first place. And the Boddingtons can below is long after Dad's time.  But there is a strange coincidence even there -  See Fathers Day below. ) Was I meant to remember that over all these years until Lord Rutherford of Nelson became significant for me personally via a spiritualist medium, Paul Edghill in August 2010.  Paul was a painter and decorator who knew nothing whatsoever about atomic structure , but gave me a message from someone who most definitely did?   Lord Rutherford was a physicist who got the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1908.  Like me he bridged the disciplines.  My research was in physical chemistry or you could call it chemical physics.  I was measuring the energies which bound electrons to atoms. 

But Lord Rutherford had a powerful connection to the beginning of my Celestine Prophecy Railway Journey in Advent 2011.  Unwittingly Paul began that journey for me in a phone call by suggesting we meet at Manurewa Spiritualist church, which led me back to Rick Greer, a medium I had seen perform only once before, on the day of the 3rd Airbus crash, when Air France 447 fell out of the sky.  He was the medium that day at the Church of the Golden Light in Auckland.  I had invited a TV producer to come with me.  He never bothered to reply to my email- typical arrogant media type.  He would have got some interesting evidence.   He was supposedly looking impartially into spiritualism.  But it is scientists like Ernest Rutherford and like me who are interested in evidence and scientific truth.  TV producers have no  interests in such matters.  For one thing you need anm attention span longer than two minutes.

Is it chance that that day in Manurewa marked the third Anniversary of the day the first  Airbus falling out of the sky, Air New Zealand.  And it was Advent Sunday.  And during that Advent I saw the proof of the Second Coming, written in powerful meaningful coincidences around the Glenbrook Vintage Railway and events half a world away on Britain's sadly now-privatised railways.  It is all so intricately connected in a vast web of destiny.

So in my phone conversation with Michael Cocks, I suddenly found myself using a radiochemical analogy.  It just came into my mind. "Jenny`s death acted like a kind of radioactive  tracer amongst all the other deaths"  I said.  "Do you know what a radioactive tracer is?"  I asked Michael Cocks?  "I think so" he replied "Well" I carried on "Jenny's death was used by the Source to show me the truth about mediums and how mediums operate."

I knew what was true about Jenny and I knew what was not.  So I could tell which mediums were able to really link to Jenny's spirit and which did not.  I was able to understand some of the comments that three different mediums made to me, things  which no one else in this world could possibly know.  But it also served to show me how very little any medium understands about  the information that comes into their minds, even the best of them.  Nor do any of them  question sufficiently closely whence cometh the information they so happily sell onto others.  See Carolyn the Medium Who Could.

For Michael Cocks, just  as for all the psychologists, the whole thing is a theoretical academic exercise, interpreting dreams, proving mediums are frauds, etc. Unlike me he has no personal connection with death, nor any personal ability as a Spiritualist medium.  Many mediums may very well be frauds , but not all of them are.  Most of them are simply deluded, conned by the voices which come to them.  It is back to Macbeth and Banquo.   The truth about what happens on death has for me a deeper personal importance.  I have not draw my conclusions because of what I would like to believe but on the balance of the evidence, the things that Carolyn told me that there was no possible way of her Knowing.  Then she was just the first of a small number of mediums who gave me further evidence of the survival of Jenny spirit beyond death.  So I could quite safely conclude that  I have  shown scientifically, at least on the balance of probability, external evidence that Jenny`s spirit has indeed survived death.  But I knew that anyway because she often speaks to me.  Her voice into my mind most days. She has spoken to me so regularly over the years since her death, since a few days after she left this world.   It is all a much more complex set of observations than Frederick Myers' well-known cross-correspondences from beyond the veil of death.  

Fathers'  Day
The Boddingtons beer cans had been brought to me by someone I used to work with at  Waikato By Products.    One Sunday afternoon,  in September 2007 I think, there was a knock at our front door.  Jenny was away visiting her daughter.  When I answered the door I was quite surprised to see Wayne standing there.  I had heard nothing from anyone at Waikato By Products since my job had been suddenly terminated just before Easter in March 2004.  Wayne said he had brought me some cans of Boddingtons beer.  He found them in the supermarket and he had remembered my talking about my father working at Boddingtons brewery in Manchester.  He just got the idea to come and see me he said.  I understood immediately how the idea came to be put into his head because he had come on the day which the NZ  shops promote as Fathers' Day.  He had noticed the cans in the supermarket in Penrose, where he lives. He had bought them some while before, but had been busy at work and had not got round to coming to see me until that very day.  Having no family of his own, he had not even realised it was Fathers' Day.   So Wayne brought me the link to my father on Fathers' Day and Wayne is a fitter just as was my father once long ago.

9th October, 2012  (I have been editing many pages for the new rainbow themed sites.  I came to this from  the Is God Real  home page as I looked to link into Which God is real? I come to the bottom of this page and saw the  very significant date  that I created it.  It just happens to be the date the re-routed Boeing 797 arrives at its final destination, McMurdo base in Antarctica.  It was the diverted flight AB626 in the World War III disaster novel Down to a Sunless Sea.  That book was first emphasised to me on 12/12/12.  Some thought the End of the World might come on 12/21/12...from some Mayan Calendar calculations and interpretations.  The film 2012 (2009) was based around that date, but it was almost a comedy of errors.

Down to a Sunless Sea was emphasised increasingly strongly in The Codes of Fate through 2013 and 2014.  And today, 11/2/15  I am amazed to find I wrote a page relating to radioactivity on such a significant date.  But at that time, 9th October had no particular significance for me.  Michael Cocks lives in Christchurch and that is where the US mission to Antarctica is based.  Their aircraft all fly from Christchurch airport .  So did the NZ Foreign Minister, Murray McCully in his 'near-death experience' on 7th October, 2013. See Nuclear war cometh .  The future is already known...set in stone.  But God only knows ...the details, as Paul Simon said in another interesting web of destiny - February to July, 2014)

Reformatted into Doomsday rainbow format because MS Front Page no longer supported  by web hosting servers  22nd January 2015, 6:55pm. Updated 6th March 2015 4:45pm. 

The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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