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Predicting the Future - Chaos Theory Claims This is Impossible-
Evidence That Theory is Wrong.. 

1.  Introduction
It seems as though the Source had decided to summarise my research results over the past two decades during the course of several months and had chosen to confirm in The Airbus Codes much of  what I had worked out over many years.  And of course a code repeat suggests that there is an intelligence behind it. This contradicts the official 'truth' of  today, the spoof religion of unthinking scientism. 

Scientism  claims that everything is just chance.  There is nothing but random chance.  Chaos theory tells you all you need to know about reality.  The future is not only unknown but inherently unknowable  So the concept that there is an intelligence which knows the future must by definition be wrong.  It contradicts the whole basis of chaos theory.  But perhaps chaos theory itself is simply  wrong.  

2.  Mediums Foretelling the Future
Many people, particularly women, are under the illusion  that mediums somehow can see  the future. So they go for advice on life, love, career, money, family.....  Most  mediums are 'accomodating'.  They tell their clients what they want to hear.   A few instead tell the truth.  Carolyn is one of the latter.  That why she was 'chosen' as the first ever medium to give me external independent proof of the survival of Jenny's spirit beyond the grave, after 30 other mediums had failed dismally.  See Carolyn The One Who Could

One night during a telephone conversation,  some six months ago,  I asked Carolyn why people came to her for readings?  Were they looking for evidence of survival concerning people they cared about? "No" she said  "They just think I am fortune teller.  That is what most of them want.  They want me to tell them their future.  That is not what my purpose is.  All I can do is produce evidence of survival of death - sometimes.  Sometimes some other  things come in but all I can do is tell them what comes into my mind."  In essence what she was saying is that what people got was what they needed but not usually what they wanted.

I was given clear evidence that, at least on some occasions, mediums are given glimpses of the future.  My first encounter with a 'platform medium', Ruby Grey proved that to me in Gateshead early in 1985.  She asked me whether I did certain things.  At the time I did not.  She told me what she saw.  She seemed to be remarkably accurate about my past but wrong about my present.  That was because it was not my present that she was telling me; it was my future.  And only when I looked back with hindsight could I see that her inaccurate present was an accurate future.  What she had been shown in her vision was my future, two years later.

 But I had not gone to see Ruby Grey to have my fortune told.  I had gone to ask her about something that puzzled me about the demonstration she had just given.   And I had not paid her anything at all.  I had merely asteroid ( a very interesting error by Dragon  there - [ I really must speak more slowly - Dragon isn't HAL after all -] because that word is the most important prediction I am led to make about the future of mankind - and this web page is entitled Predicting the Future -  Was that error by Dragon intended to be yet another live update via Meaningful Coincidence?)  I had merely asked her a question in an empty hall after all the audience had gone.  In fact I interrupted her cup of tea. To read more about my Ruby Grey encounter see A Spiritualist CV for CU

3. Novelists Foretelling the Future
Man certainly cannot predict the future, although many have tried with a distict lack of success.  Yet others have predicted the future with uncanny accuracy without realising it, for instance Morgan Robertson`s 1898 novel Futility very clearly prophesied the wreck of the Titanic.  The so-called 'rationalists', sceptics in drag,  'explain' Robertson success in this regard as 'lucky guesses'.

4. Why the Future Cannot Be Known in Deetail
Man is not allowed to know the future in detail for one very simple reason. That reason  is because if man could predict the future in advance, then the 'people who matter' would endeavour to corrupt and distort so the 'outcome' ( a very PC term  used extensively in modern non-reports - but I intend it in its real sense)   was closer to their liking. As ever the rich and powerful would be determined to ensure that they became even more rich and even more powerful.  So God will never allow man to have the gift of prophecy.  No, God will not allow man to have a detailed knowledge of the future because he would misuse it as he does all the gifts of God.

5. Our  Coincidence Prophecy Codes
I cannot prophesy the future.  I have managed to correctly predict the future on two occasions .  But that was because it suited the Source of intelligence, God to allow me to do so.  He gave me the signs, the predictive code elements which enabled me to make those predictions.  The 'coincidence prophecy codes' allowed me to calculate when the Gulf War would start some 10 days beforehand and also indicated to me that Princess Diana was about to be murdered 14 days in advance. Some would choose to claim that my prediction of the date of the start of the Gulf War was a lucky guess.  But I could actually show the details of the calculation which led me to that conclusion.  But I will admit that it was not an unlikely event.  But the second successful prophecy was a very unlikely event.  How many people in the world on the night of the 16th/17th August 1997 would expect that Diana would be dead within a fortnight. That was a very unlikely event which my 'coincidence prophecy codes' together with ''the Voice'' predicted precisely.

Certainly her medium had not seen any signs of portending death because the images shown of Diana with Dodi not long after a visit to this trusted medium showed Diana looking full of the joys of spring.  That medium had certainly neither had nor been given any inkling of the dark future which lay ahead so soon for the Queen of People`s Hearts.  

But, on reflection,  I could add a third successful prediction.  For when I gave my paper Problems with Probability in August 1995, I discussed the strange conjunction of the departure of Air New Zealand flight NZ 557 for Christchurch at 7:39 PM on 29th June, 1995.  (  Come to think of it ,was that not that the date in 1994 when Prince Charles' interview with David Dimbleby was broadcast,  the one in which Charles confessed his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, but 'only after his marriage had  irretrievably broken down'.  And there had been  a very telling 'coincidence' on the 6pm news bulletin earlier in the evening.  It  was the latest achievement of the Prince of Wales..... no not to love her...... He had managed to crash a plane on a remote Scottish island, whilst attempting to land it. It did seem a most significant omen.  And as ever Diana upstaged Charles by appearing at an engagement that evening in a slinky black dress .......signs of destiny and design..... coincidences in space and time  )

I chose to say then as follows:    ( For the full paper see Problems with Probability  )

The next flight out was the 7 pm Flight NZ557 to Christchurch. It was still listed, even though by now the time was approaching 7.30 pm. I photographed the Departures board several times over the next ten minutes. I wondered whether it would leave when I expected. Sure enough, just after 19:39 came up (7.39 pm), the Departures board rolled over. The photograph shows random characters where the flight had been.

How often does NZ557 leave late? How often has it left at 7.39? Is it just chance it did on the only occasion I have flown on a New Zealand domestic flight since returning from that Christchurch trip in April?

What is its message? Time will tell..

I knew precisely what it indicated, but I chose not to spell it out.  The message was very clear to me,  that a major disaster lay in the future for Air New Zealand.  But I chose not to say that because airlines have powerful friends, as Judge Peter Mahon found to his cost, when he conducted the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Erebus disaster.  And 'by coincidence' on my return flight from Gisborne that night, I had in my bag a copy of his official Royal Commission report on the Erebus disaster. 

This is why Nostradamus wrote things in code too.  It is dangerous to know too much about the future.  The truth upsets powerful people who matter.  So, this is why I have chosen to write in coded form a prophecy of something yet to come, something which appears to have been emphasised to me very strongly in recent weeks. See The Prophecies of Nostradominus.  (It is all very much proof that at best, we are actors on stage.  The Title of the book has been hanged in the light of events which followed.  It is now entitled The Codes of F8.)

  The purpose of my being given sufficiently detailed information on occasion  was to prove to me that there is indeed a knowledge of the future and that if it so suited God, the Source, that He could make that information available (Another Delete All message -  See Postscript) to men  and women.  Generally speaking  the Cassandra prophecy codes have on more than a dozen occasions merely indicated to me elements of an event yet to come. But there was never insufficient information within the Cassandra code elements for me to able to precisely identify what the coming event actually was.  Only after the event has occurred is it possible to see precisely where the Cassandra code puzzle elements actually fit.  It was only on those two occasions that I was able to predict a specific event in advance.   there could have been a third but I failed to make the links in time.  I was given enough information to predict the result of the conclave election which elevated Pope Benedict XVI to the position of Vicar of Rome.

6. Man's Attempts to Calculate the Future
With luck man manages to predict the weather with a fair accuracy 24 hours in advance.   But the failures in this regard are quite notable as well.  The weathermen were always  regarded as a bit of a joke in Britain.  It took a long time for Michael Fish to live down his prediction that the was not a hurricane on its way in Britain.  That day in 1987 was long remembered  in British psyche' when following his predictions there was in fact a powerful hurricane.   They are not much better regarded in New Zealand either. 

If but a modicum of success in  predicting the weather is a very far cry from predicting human affairs or air disasters.    It is only  the modern very powerful computers which allow the relative  success with the weather.  How can man expect to predict the future, however powerful his computers when there are are no equations governing the bahaviour of  things that lie beyond  the laws of space and time.

 Scientists today have an easy answer to that conundrum of course.  Nothing lies beyond space and time.  So why worry?  They do not trouble themselves trying to find any explanation for the coherence of interactions between apparently unrelated events as demonstrated by meaningful coincidences as well as communication from the spirits of the death.

Such things do not lie within either their experiences all their laboratories.  And that is an end to it.

7. Man Creating a Hideous Future
Scientists are too busy changing the 'real world' for the better'.   Look at how the supposedly beneficial discoveries of science have indeed changed the nature of the world.  Over the course of fifty years science has changed the nature of both women and war.  More progress in 50 years than in the ten millenia before.  Or is  it?  More and more women especially in the Anglo-Saxon  West are certainly not as God intended women to be.   The natural inhibitions of women, part of the nature of women for ten millenia, have been eliminated largely by the skill of organic and bio-chemists.  The contraceptive pill, ably assisted by feminism, so-called liberalism and market forces,  in part,  the greed of the brewing industries, have combined to breed an extremely selfish, uninhibited, promiscuous and  aggressive creature, unique for the End Times.   Perhaps she is proof of Dawkins theories of 'natural selection'' a product of 'freedom' and the dog-eat-dog society which is the natural end product of 'market forces'.   Her mate seems to be a rather feeble male only showing 'strength' when drunk. 

 The spirit of Mary Magdalen made a very telling comment about these many 'modern' women... "Sweet smiles...foul natures" 

And science an engineering have  changed the nature of warfare.  First there is the fear of the Bomb, increasing again as the stand-off between Israel and Iran is ratcheted ever higher  Secondly,  scientists and  engineers have provided arms manufacturers with vicious toys to sell to the leaders of less advanced peoples.  These incredibly powerful modern weapons, are bought from the proceeds of oil or minerals sales, whilst the people rot in poverty and ignorance.  The  nation's resources are squandered on means of delivering death and destruction, rather than education and infrastructure.  Of course these tanks and missiles were 'intended for defence against external enemies'.   But were they really ever thus envisaged for just that? Were they all along not also seen as a form of insurance cover in case things turned bad? The 'Arab spring' has shown how they can be turned on the people themselves by the ruthless men in power. 

These nations would never have been able to produce such weapons for themselves. In central Africa,  genocide would have been rather more tricky with just spears and arrows.   AK 47s, cluster bombs and old fashioned shells make things so much easier.  The leaders of these 'less advanced' peoples buy weapons of death and destruction from 'more advanced' nations, more advanced only in technical ability, certainly  not morality.  The 'advanced' nations care only for profit and influence.  And things become ever worse, ever more corrupt as 'market forces' too enters the fray.

8. Predicting the Future
Another Meaningful Coincidence - A live Update

I suddenly see now why during my attempt to edit this page, Dragon has several times suddenly  highlighted the entire page and deleted it.  It strikes me as a very powerful reminder of the future, which has been repeated to me over and over and over again in different ways over the last few months, different sequences of meaningful coincidences but always conveying the same message - 6th August 2012, 9th September, 2012 are two that spring instantly to mind.  Then there was the Parable of Lion Rock on 25th August, 2012.  

The message keeps repeating over and over again..... It is God's clear intention to wipe away the hand of man from the face of the Earth.  This was repeated to me so very clearly on 9th  September 2012, woven into an asteroid impact-themed afternoon involving an immigrant family who I met in the Countdown supermarket the night before.  There was so much evidence of destiny and design in that meeting.  That story is something else not yet typed...... 

 Dragon has repeated the emphasis on Delete All on at least four occasions as I have tried to dictate this page.  6:51pm 23rd September, 2012.  But least that final prophecy is highly precise. I know the nature of the event, and the date when it will come.  I do not know the point of impact but it really does not matter. just like the Japan 3in1 disaster of March 2011, (See Japan - Truly Apocalyptic)  it will be precisely designed to achieve the effect which the Maker intends.  The End will come very close to Palm Sunday in 2015.

Is it just coincidence that the first Easter after the End will have exactly the same date as the first Easter of all.  In 33 A.D. Mary went to the tomb alone on the morning of Easter Sunday 5th April.  Mary`s spirit was sent to tell me the truth about her life with Christ on 5th April 1986.  That was the first experience which we had of Jenny acting as a medium for the spirits of the dead.  Mary warned then of the coming Judgement of God.  You can read her words in our first ever book Mary, Daughter of Elohim.  It seems most appropriate that Easter day in 2015 will again fall on 5th April.  Everything is designed.  Everything is predetermined. 

Ankhsoun  ends her story, Anhsoun, Daughter of Ra,  with her 'Vision through Time' which concludes with the following words:

For somewhere in his past
Man has not been good
God told him strong many times
But man did not come right............ 

I append below two screens from the latest DELETE ALL sequence .

The message seems clear enough.  The other screen is timed at 6:18 PM.  As

I was just typing this when  suddenly everything was again deleted by Dragon. 

I see the time is 6:56pm. Two off ...That message is repeated again and again and again in various ways.   658 is the Code which indicates 'The Last which is the First'...Alpha and Omega, the Source, God.  .  'Two off' is 'Two to go'  Only two years remain for man. ... two years, six months and six days to be precise....another live update coming very significantly on the day after 22912....too late.... again.

It was yet again repeating the message from the Source .  God intends to wipe man from the face of the Eart    .See also  The Purpose of Anders Breivik and Delete All

Reformatted into Doomsday rainbow format because MS Front Page no longer supported  by web hosting servers  22nd January 2015, 6:55pm. Updated 6th March 2015 4:45pm. 

The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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