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Patterns in Space and Time

November 2008 saw the start of a whole new chapter in our research with the crash of the first Airbus.  Naturally as we live in New Zealand and I alone understand the codes it had to be an Air New Zealand Airbus and it was in fact predicted in the New Zealand Herald just hours in advance.  Just as with the best spy stories, the message was given in plain view for all to see but only those, for whom the message was intended, to understand.

The crash went almost unreported around the world because it was of no great significance except to New Zealanders and a small number of Germans.  It was a near-empty plane on a test flight. Only seven people died in that crash, five New Zealanders and two German pilots.  It merited a few column inches in the daily Telegraph in Britain.  Compare that to the coverage of the second Airbus crash six weeks later in New York.  No one died.   There was acres of coverage, though because of course it  was a real miracle involving an all-American hero and lots of video footage. 

But those two disasters were intricately related in the webs of destiny by events in our own lives.  The first two Airbus crashes were written around Jenny's illness.  Then Jenny died and then  six weeks later came the third Airbus written around Jenny's death, inspiration in the film Knowing and an example of shonky journalism, TVNZ so-called current affairs programme Close-Up.  That was what purported to be an investigation it Spiritualism but it was more entertainment than substance.  Two days after that programme was broadcast I receive powerful proof by a medium who are clearly been chosen of the survival of Jenny spirit beyond the grave.  She succeeded after 30 other mediums had failed.

Within nine days came more proof through a second medium, another chosen one-chosen by the source, not by me.  And within 16 hours of that medium speaking to me came the fourth Airbus crash predicted so strongly in signs around the undertaker who bury Jenny and something very important that happening Jenny's life before she met me.

Those four Airbus crashes were powerful proof of the thesis of my 2007 book The Diagrams of Truth.  In that book I showed how for disasters were related clearly through the webs of destiny.  These disasters were Lockerbie, Mecca, 911 and the Columbia shuttle disaster.  See The Four Jigsaws

Now in the closing months of 2008 and the earlier first half of 2009 came for more closely interconnected disasters, all interconnected by precisely the same codes principally 557.

The first two Airbus crashes were strongly woven around one very simple message.  On death all are judged. and those two Airbus crashes with closely interconnected with the Australian bushfires which caused havoc to the North West of Melbourne in February 2009.  The message intended to be conveyed by those fires was that hell is real.  If within those fires the specific locations of the communities destroyed, Maryville and Kinglake were also specifically chosen, for reasons which will be clear for anyone who chooses to read the site.  the incredibly precise and complex web of coincidence is woven around those three disasters, two Airbus crashes and the Australian bushfires are told in our book about balanced observations.  That was ever typed stop the Airbus codes is a summarised account of the Airbus crashes set in the context of the much more general picture which emerged following Jenny's death and the next two Airbus crashes.

 The third and fourth Airbus crashes were woven around two themes.  One is God's inspiration to writers and TV producers, rare though it is.  The the second theme was the survival of death by the human spirit.  In a way that message gives hope, that there is life after death but the whole experience illuminates the sham religion of the Spiritualists and their doctrines which are as doubtful as those of any Catholic priest.  Why did 30 mediums fail before one succeeded?  Perhaps things are not as the Spiritualists claim.

Spiritualist do not believe in judgement.  Everyone goes to heaven.  Their mantra can be summarised in two words - 'love and light'.  Its all  rosy glow rose-tinted spectacle stuff.  Linking with the spirits is a time for lots of fun and laughter.  For more see Spiritualism Doctrines and Illusions  and Spiritualism Close Up

The Airbus codes represent an extremely complex interwoven series of disasters for Airbuses and one bushfire all intricately interconnected to convey through meaningful coincidence very powerful messages.  The whole experience powerfully authenticated everything I said in the Diagrams of Truth and carries it even further.  Because the Diagrams of Truth at no point looked into the much broader question of life after death the Diagrams of Truth merely looked at the interconnection between apparently unrelated disasters.  The Airbus crashes by contrast provide a repeat of the connections between five unrelated disasters for this time woven specifically into God's inspiration to the writers and producers of Knowing and into the ability of two mediums to prove to me very convincing click that they were indeed being linked to Jenny spirit.  So the Airbus Codes are  rather deeper than the Diagrams of Truth because of the added dimension of life after death.  The Airbus Codes illustrates very powerfully the coherence which I had tried to convey on our original  (1999) Lux Aeterna Publishing website.

Lux Aeterna examined meaningful coincidence and how it was used to prove to us the existence of a prophetic knowledge of the future, in particular with regard to the Lockerbie air disaster.  But meaningful coincidences were also used to authenticate messages from the spirits of the dead the first very clear example being that of the Duke of Windsor.  Another aspect of coincidence involved examples of inspiration to be found in the work of various authors over the past century.  And deriving from all these elements was the clear implication that there is indeed a destiny.

Now the Airbus Codes have echoed every single one of these disparate elements which previously we had come to understand over a number of years, but now the  whole lot re- echoed in an  intricate web woven in just seven months.  It was all a powerful code repeat.  The question of destiny was particularly strong around the first Airbus crash.  The Lockerbie prophecy element of 557was so clear in the first Airbus crash.  The code repeats within our personal lives in  the second Airbus crashed really was uncanny.  With both Airbus crashes, Jenny's visit to the doctor was  followed within a day or two by my visit to the Council tip to dump garden rubbish. Both visits to the tip were hours before the crashes formed the lead item on the 6pm evening news bulletins.

To read about how the Lockerbie 557 code repeat predicted the Perpignan Airbus disaster, see The Code 557 Air Disaster Prophecy Repeat

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The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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