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An Overview of the Airbus Crashes - Revised 15th June 2018

A Summary Judgement on the Airbus Crashes

Below is a summary of the key details of the ten Airbus crashes which figure in the Doomsday Codes of Fate. Also included in the table is another most significant  very-near disaster as well as the very significant  latest Egyptair hijacking

No Flight Airline Date Aircraft
of crash
1 T888 XL Airways
/Air New Zealand
27/11/08 A320 D-AXLA ZK-OJL 7/0 Off French coast near Perpignan 42 39 48N 3 06 00E
2 US 1549  US Air 15/1/09 A320 N106US 0/155 Hudson River
New York
40 46 10N 74 00 16
3 AF 447 Air France 1/06/09 A330 F-GZCP 228/0 mid Atlantic 3 03 57N 30 33 42W
4 IY 626  Yemenia 30/6/09 A319 7O-ADJ 152/1 Off Comoros Is 11 19 00S 43 19 37E
5 8U 771  Al Afriqiyah 12/5/10 A330 5A-ONG 103/1 Landing Tripoli Airport 32 39 4N 13 07 9E
6 ED 202 Air Blue 28/7/10 A321 AP-BJB 152/0 Margalla Hills Pakistan 33 44 23N 73 03 29E
7 QZ8510  Air Asia 28/12/14 A320 PK-AXC 162/0 Java Sea 3 37 22.8S 109 42 43E
8/1 4U9525 Germanwings 24/3/15 A320 D-AIPX 150/0 French Alps 44 16 53N 6 26 23E
9/2 AC 624 Air Canada 29/3/15 A320 C-FTJP 0/138 Landing Halifax Airport 44 52 47N 63 30 37W
10/3 7K-9268 Metrojet 31/10/15 A320 EI-ETJ 224/0 Over Sinai
30 10 09N 34 10 22E
11/4 MS181 Egyptair 29/3/16 A320 SU-GCB
Delivered Egyptair
NB 55+7
Hijacked to Cyprus    
12/5 MS804 Egyptair 19/5/16 A320 SU-GCC 0/66


Cockpit fire? 33 67 35N 28 79 15E
X QF32 Qantas 4/11/10 A380 VH-OQA 0/469 Batam Is Indonesia 1 04N 104 01E


Totals 1020/764  

31st October 1922 Cheiro and the Hand of Pharaohs Daughter...It may just be a story he made up but was it inspired like Bram Stoker's Jewel of Seven Stars?

And my daugjhter was born on 31st October, 1982. Mt son was 13 on the one day in my life that I visired Akhetaten 27th June 1990..

The Locations of the Airbus Crashes



The Messages in the Airbus Crashes

For the accounts of a few of  the Cassandra jigsaw prophecy pieces, the strange coincidences and the derivation of the messages from each Airbus accident,  see the linked pages on this site.  There are far more connections in each disaster than are given in those pages.  This site is but a simple summary intended to convey warnings to a world that really doesn't give a bugger.  If you add in Erebus and Lockerbie, there are now 11 intricately linked disasters all connected by the same codes and threads.  But the wise men who control thinking in today's universities know that chance explains everything.  There is no God - ( Probably)  The lame brains rule supreme.
 (12th April 2015 - 7:17pm - It had to be that time, echoing MH17, the Star of 17 )


Airbus crash links

XL Airways
/Air New Zealand



Predicted by code 557 - twice- the identical code which predicted Lockerbie, 20 years earlier. 

The coincidence of the big weighbridge
- Seven men died. 

Code 446 - 'On death all are judged' is the singularly powerful message here.

Details of accident:

2 US Airways
Repeat of first message:  No weighing.  No deaths.  Echoing 'On death all are judged'

Details of accident:
3 Air France
Inspiration in the film Knowing.  Codes predict the future in real life too.  Truth through spiritualism - sometimes.

Details of accident:
4 Yemenia
Tied to Jenny's death. Strongly linked to proof of the survival of her spirit.  There are precise links in this crash to her life before she met me and also to her funeral.

Details of accident:
5 Al Afriqiyah
Links to the Lockerbie disaster , The Seventh Sign, Knowing and Cassandra jigsaw pieces for the first Christchurch earthquake - the Hammer of God for New Zealand.
Details of accident:
6 Air Blue
A reminder of the past for New York - an air crash linking to 9/11 - or is it an omen for the future?

Details of accident:
7 Air Asia
The Seventh Sign manifest.  The precision of the Hand of God shown is so clearly in the flight number. Very much a 'Chosen One' on a specifically chosen date - Revelation. Tied in also to the Second Coming.

Details of accident:
8 Germamwings
Start of the second cycle. The count is to 7 and then begins again. Destiny manifest with a vengeance.  A Higher Power controls your destiny.  The co-pilot was another 'chosen one', another actor on the stage in the closing scenes of the final act of the drama which is man.

Details of accident:
9 Air Canada
Proof of the second cycle .  Directly connected to US1549 and to the Erebus disaster.   Everything is precisely orchestrated by the Vast 'Alien' Mind that created space and time.

Details of accident:
10 Russian
  A warning to Putin, for what he was doing in the Middle East would result in many Russian deaths. Did that disaster coming so soon after he began his murderous attacks in Syria cause him to pause? - No Just like the French after the Paris massacres and the Americans after 9/11 it was all about revenge, dressed up as 'justice' But it is much deeper than merely that.  It is an echo of the Caliph and his role model Moses and Akhenaten. the real man behind the Hebrew myth of Moses.  So it is  linked very specifically into the Second Coming especially by the date, 31st October 2015.

Then came the parable of The Red Army Choir on Christmas Morning 2016.It was very much Past Three o'clock on a Cold Frosty Morning...

11 Egyptair
Everything is already known, externally designed. At best we are actors on a stage. This Hijacking came on my coded Doomsday + 1 year precisely.  It happened to be the Tuesday after Easter, so like Airbus crashes 1, 2,3 and 4 it tied closely into both Jenny's death and how I met her - through Ancient Egypt .  And the latter was predicted in Bram Stoker's inspired novel of 1903, The Jewel of Seven Stars. The aircraft 'chosen' was delivered to Egyptair on 31st October, 2003.  News items that day: Update Scientific American : Tutankhamun's tomb and the 'secret chambers'
12 Egyptair MS804 Much more proof of external design and orchestration. Crashed in Mediterranean on 19thj May 2016, probably because of a cockpit fire. But everything ties into the codes dor the Apocalyse and the Second Coming

Note SU-GCC the next after SU-GCB above

X Quantas
The first sign of  the 'Rolls Royce hearse', in the skies, echoing Jenny's funeral.  A chosen one on a very significant date to point to three air disasters to come...MH370, MH17 and 4U9525...more

Details of this 'incident:'

Or read the full story in the book QF32.

All images are from the Wikipedia page for the relevant Airbus accident/incident




Reformatted into Doomsday rainbow format because MS Front Page no longer supported  by web hosting servers  22nd January 2015, 6:55pm. Updated 6th March 2015 4:45pm. 

The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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