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It's All about 'Knowing'

There are coincidences surrounding the plot of this 2009 film. Even the name of the principal character, Professor Koester is a reference to Arthur Koestler the Hungarian- British novelist who wrote 'The Roots of Coincidence in 1972.   And they continued around the release of the film in New Zealand in April 2009. This page describes those coincidences.  The coincidences continued with the release of the Knowing DVD on 14th October 2010.  The action in the film is set between 12/10/09 and 19/10/09.  It is all evidence of external intelligent design.

For a detailed discussion of  the Knowing Code sheets see The Codes in Knowing

And the coincidences continued with the first free to air screening of the film on NZTV on 17th November, 2012.  Did it have to be 17th November because that was the date of my experience of Reading the lesson in the Madeleine in Paris in 1991.  That turned out to be prophecy of my life for the next 22 years. Knowing is fiction, albeit inspired.  For all of that time I have been involved in trying to explaining  to people the very signs of the rapidly approaching  End of the World. The Doomsday Clock will be found at the bottom of this page.   But it really has been an exercise in Futility.  It is not what people want to hear.  They don't want to look at the evidence that overwhelmingly suggests that I am right. 

In this film, the world ends on 19th October, 2009.  It was precisely 25 years before this that my research career in paraphysics began, when I was caused to discover Spiritualism, via a model railway friend who suddenly told me my wife was having an affair.... There was no way he could know. I'd only discovered it myself two nights earlier...on 17th October, 1984, through 'inspiration'   By 'chance'  or design'  the date of the second disaster in Knowing is 17th October, 2009.   Norman explained that 'spirit' had told him...It all went from there .... And a quarter of a century later it was here.  .  Everything is precisely planned, known in complete detail by the Creator of space and time. Laplace's hypothesised 'vast intelligence'  (1814) is real.  The webs of destiny woven around Knowing is prime evidence. 

For a detailed discussion of the actual Code Sheets in Knowing see The Codes of Knowing.  In that webpage will be found much more evidence of meaningful coincidence. (Update 20th July 2013 9:43pm)

See also the Knowing links in the crash of Yemenia 626

1. Introduction
Now for some really meaningful coincidences. Is life mimicking art or was the art intentionally inspired because Something was already knowing what was to come? The film Knowing opened much later in New Zealand than almost anywhere else in the world. It didn't open in New Zealand until 21st May, 2009 whereas in the USA it opened two months earlier, on 20th March, 3-20, as the Americans would write the date. So here we are back to Airbuses, the two A320s. Is this another curious destiny element, another strand woven in the web of destiny by the Spinner Of Years?  Or is it just ‘chance’ that it happens to be the ‘right time’ in both countries?

On 27th May, I'd gone into the Manukau Westfield Shopping Centre to buy another CF memory card for my camera. I'd run out of space that morning at the hospital. Noticing that the new Sky City cinema complex is directly opposite JB Hi-fi where I’d, bought the card, I went into the cinema hoping to be able to photograph a poster of Knowing. Even the name JB Hi-Fi has significant connections.  But I was out of luck for there were no posters. I hadn't been into the cinema complex before.  Its brand new; but, then I had never been into the old one either.  In fact I'm not a regular cinema goer at all. I think the last time I went to the cinema was to see Enigma in April 2002. I was chatting to the man who checks the tickets about the new cinema complex and he offered to show me one of the cinemas. He took me into the nearest one. I noticed the red neon lights above the door gave the title of the film. Glowing red in the darkness was the word KNOWING. It would have been nice to have been able to take a photo of a scene from the film, but in fact only the trailers were showing at that point. So I had to content myself with a photograph of KNOWING glowing red in the darkness. It is only as I write this now, that I am reminded of the 557 glowing green in the darkness on our Maestro car clock a little over an hour before Pan Am 103 crashed at  Lockerbie 55˚ 7'N in December 1988. I left the cinema and walked out of the shopping centre and it was then, just as I got back to my car, that the van with the DUE 739 number plate had gone past me in the car park. And perhaps the fact that it was a trailer showing was important too given the role of my trailer in both the Perpignan and Hudson Airbus crashes.

The hero of Knowing is one Professor Koestler, a professor of astrophysics. Now why did someone choose that name? For Arthur Koestler is a well-known novelist who was fascinated by the paranormal. In 1972, he wrote a book called The Roots of Coincidence and then, in 1973, co-authored a book with Alistair Hardy entitled The Challenge of Chance. In that book he elaborated much more on coincidence, giving many striking examples. Alister Hardy’s will established the Alister Hardy Research Centre in Oxford, for the scientific study of religious experience. Arthur Koestler's will established the Koestler foundation intended to support the scientific study of the paranormal. Unfortunately his bequest has been hijacked by para-psychologists who have not a shred of interest in coincidence and little, if any, direct experience of the paranormal. His bequest now funds a chair in parapsychology at the University of Edinburgh. He would not have approved, but what does it matter as he's dead anyway? And none of them believe in life after death. It’s only the money that matters.

2. Truth in Codes
Now it is a strange coincidence that Nicholas Cage's character, Professor Koestler in the film, was to bear an uncanny resemblance to me in terms of what was to happen over the next few days . In the film, Professor Koestler is confronted with a list of numbers. This list of numbers has been brought home by his son and originating in time capsule buried in 1959. The Professor can make little sense of the numbers until suddenly he has a flash of inspiration. He is caused to notice the code sequence 91120012996 and realises that the start of the sequence is the date of the attack on the Twin Towers and the end of the sequence turns out to be the death toll. (The last death toll I had heard was actually 2749). This Twin Towers clue proves to be Koestler's equivalent of what the cartouches in the Rosetta Stone, were for Francois Champollion, the names of the Pharaohs on the decree which enabled him to begin to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. It is funny that there is a French connection in that too. The Rosetta Stone was found by a French soldier in the Egyptian Delta. It is only in the British Museum today because Nelson defeated the French fleet at the Battle of the Nile in 1798. Professor Koestler uses that code to decipher the rest of the code list, all the major disasters, natural and man-made which have happened over the previous 50 years. But, there are three disasters not yet accounted for on the list. Shortly thereafter comes the first of these disasters, which turns out to be an air disaster. Its date and the death toll confirm Koestler's theories about the codes.

So is it not an incredibly strange parallel that having come from the Sky City Cinema, showing Knowing that I should go out to the car park, and see the van DUE 739, and then be led by it to The Twin Towers, where I encounter three more signs of an impending plane crash, two ‘557’s and a second ‘739’ car. The implication of a forthcoming air disaster was just too strong to ignore. A man, who was just starting his car nearby, saw me photographing the 557 car and wanted to know why I was photographing cars. I explained briefly to him that code 557 had been emphasised to me before both the Lockerbie air disaster and the Perpignan plane crash and that the signs that day indicated to me that another plane crash was due. Furthermore it would be an Airbus, probably an A340. Four days later came the crash of the Air France Airbus A330, flight 447 in the Atlantic, when it would appear to have encountered Asthall.

(As I dictated this there was a strange computer error. Dragon 10 decided to put ‘astronaut for a storm – That’s another error -Instead of ‘Asthall’ Dragon has now put ‘astronaut’. Origanally, when I tried to correct ‘Asthall’, it offered me ‘a storm’ as an alternative. I accepted that and told it to ‘Train’. But the box it threw up was blank where it should have said ‘a storm’. I attempted to carry on with the training but it Dragon 10 returned an error message that ‘the speech engine has insufficient data’. I cancelled the screen without thinking and suddenly realised the implication. This strange computer error at this point reaffirms for me that the loss of Air France 447 was in large measure due to its computer control system. There had been other signs in Manukau on the flight path in the days before my cinema experience, linking Airbus, storm and computer software malfunction.)

So in real life, just as in the film, the Twin Towers, albeit in Manukau, turn out to be at the centre of the latest confirmation that my prophecy codes are valid. The only difference is that my codes are not fiction, and the Source of intelligence behind my ‘knowing’ the future is not aliens, friendly or otherwise. But there is a real Source of Extra- Terrestrial Intelligence. Mine is the first successful SETI project in the history of mankind. It's just that I've managed to succeed without any telescopes, merely by using my eyes and my mind. But my SETI is also extra temporal. It is not bound by our laws of space and time, yet appears to orchestrate events within our dimensions of space and time. The only explanation that fits all our experiences over a quarter of a century is that there must be a God, a designer who knows the future with absolute precision and who chooses to give such information as He sees fit, often in the manner of pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It is as though He is choosing to say “Here are a few pieces to show you that I know the future in detail. When the event comes to pass you will know where these pieces fit. Then you will see the full picture in your time as I see it now in mine.”

And the real ending which our codes suggest will come is not that dissimilar from the film. It won't be a solar flare that comes out of the Sun, but an Aten asteroid, so-called by astronomers because their orbits are so close to the sun as to be almost impossible to see (until it's too late.) But that's another story. Too fanciful is it? Well there's an awful lot more substance in this than in the stories that the producers of Close-Up seems to imagine deserve air-time. Did the really scary noisy washing machine really merit the trip from the studio by the main presenter, last Friday,12th June?

3. The Tragedy of Death
But perhaps there's too much in it for TV reporters and producers, too much that might upset people. After all people have died, so it is distasteful to suggest that God knew in advance about the disaster and failed to save people. They died not because of God and the storm, the hand of God perhaps, but because of the inadequacy of man's technology in dealing with the stall. ( Odd the Dragon throws up ‘stall’ this time for ‘storm’- odd too that the time is 1327 on 2nd July. Code 327 means death. It was derived one night at Lockerbie.) Yes, people died and they have lots of grieving relatives. That brings me to another link in Knowing, one I would very much prefer not to exist. Professor Koestler's wife dies in one of the disasters on the coded list. My wife, Jenny, died two months ago, after suffering from cervical cancer for eight and a half years. However Jenny's death appears to be part of this final proof that I am right, that she was right, despite all her family being against us and our work for the past 23 years. Her death is part of the proof that God exists. So don't talk to me about insensitivity, I know only too much about the reality of death, the pain of death, the death of the only person who's ever helped me or who really cared about me. Not only that, in life she had also been a key element in our proof about the reality of life after death.

It was the incompetent New Zealand cervical screening system that was directly to blame for Jenny’s cervical cancer developing. (LINK) She never trusted their results which is why she had annual smears but they insisted from 1995 to 2000 that the smears were clear. Her GP reassured her that New Zealand had the best labs in the world. What a joke that turned out to be. Eventually, more mistakes led to them doing a thin prep smear instead, and she was finally diagnosed with cervical cancer. How could they have been so wrong so often? Yes, she was really let down by the medical system, but it was Dr Beere, then in charge at Diagnostic, now one of the masterminds behind the new Labtests organisation which has won the contract to do all of Auckland's medical testing, who cruelly compounded the error. He made sure that we would never find out how they come to make all these mistakes. They always have to cover themselves. It's the way the big people always are. You cannot even sue for medical negligence in New Zealand, thanks to the ACC scheme. We had a meeting with him and he refused to let us see the report on how they came to mess it all up. He ensured that it was withheld from us ‘for medico-legal reasons’. It is all part of the reality of ‘corruption free New Zealand’. And now there comes a very strange connection to this final error in the New Zealand Herald of 1st July 2009, the paper that carries the news of the fourth Airbus crash, the Yemenia one, flight 626 off the coast of Africa.

4. More Synchronous Coincidences in Real Time.
I had left correcting the article at the above point yesterday, intending to read fully the article about the change in policy about cervical smear tests. But instead, last night I discovered an article bringing the good news that the National government is once again going to look after big business. Surprise! Surprise! They are going to be raising the weight limits to allow 50 ton trucks on New Zealand roads. This will ‘increase efficiency’, for which read profits, and cause much more damage to roads and structures. But the community pays for that, not big business. The article was illustrated with a picture of Fonterra milk tanker. When I took a photograph of the article, because the milk tanker parallel with Air France 447 had hardly escaped me, I couldn't help but notice that the image was number 666 on the file, a code which very much confirmed the nature of big business today.

But its was not a code repeat of flight 447, for the tankers registration number was not 626. It was xxx 612. I had seen that number when I first found the article and had been disappointed that it wasn't 626. It was only as I typed that number now that I suddenly realised that 612 was indeed intricately connected with all the codes. It did cross connect with the earlier Airbus disaster, the loss of Air France 447. For just as with Air France 447, 612 had a connection to the Twin Towers, but not the ones in Manukau, the ones in New York and the attack of 91101. The Boeing 767 which hit the South Tower at 9:03am was N 612 you A (3/07/2009 3:30:21 p.m) I went to get that newspaper to find out what the letters were before 612 on the milk tanker. The number plate was actually ABK 612. After I had made a note beside the picture referring to the above sudden realisation, I wrote the date and found that I had written it in American dating as 7/3/9. Of course it could also be written 70309. And it was exactly 21 years ago today that the US Navy shot down the first Airbus, the one that began the whole saga, Iran Air Flight 655, on 3rd July 1988. The Lockerbie disaster, when N739PA was destroyed at 7.03pm on 21st December, was intended to be justice for America, for what it's Navy did to Iran Air 655. But just as later with 9/11, the Americans didn't learn.

And it was only this morning when I happened to notice the cooker clock change from 6 to 5 to 626 that I saw another connection in the latest Airbus loss. Pan Am 103 left Heathrow at 620 5P for its date with destiny in the hills of the North. 66 is one on from 65., just as flight for 47 is one on from 446, the code associated with the loss of the Air New Zealand Airbus at Perpignan. That plane crashed at 440 6p in (what a useless computer system. Dragon 10 had made a total hash of the last piece of dictation the time was for oh 6 PM. As I looked it changed for 078. It was flight each day for 07 that had a near death experience in Melbourne on 20 March 2009, 320 in American dating.)

Dragon 10 really did make a mass of that last paragraph. This is what it should have said.

And it was only this morning when I happened to notice the cooker clock change from 625 to 626 that I saw another connection in the latest Airbus loss. Pan Am 103 left Heathrow at 625pm for its date with destiny in the hills of the North. 626 is one on from 625, just as flight 4 47 is one on from 446, the code associated with the loss of the Air New Zealand Airbus at Perpignan. That plane crashed at 446pm (what a useless system it is with numbers. Dragon 10 had made a total hash of the last piece of dictation. {Is it intended to be another warning, another pointer to computer errors on aircraft?} The time on my computer was 4.06pm. As I looked it changed to 4.07pm. It was flight EK407 that had a ‘near death experience’ leaving Melbourne on 20th March 2009, 3-20 in American dating.) Incidentally most of Knowing was filmed around Melbourne and I flew to Frankfurt on an A340, via Melbourne, in October 2007 on EK407.  My fare was $2297.

So it all began with an Airbus, 21 years ago today and appears to be finishing with many Airbuses, from Alpha to Omega, as the Apocalypse codes gather pace towards the final end, not unlike the one in Knowing, at least quantitatively. Jenny is now dead and I suspect I haven't got that long.

Unfortunately Jenny’s illness has been intricately connected with so many signs over the past two years, in particular around the sham of an inquest into Princess Diana's death, for which read murder, the Perpignan air disaster and the Airbus crash in New York. Her death was linked with the crash of Air France 447, and very much connected with the loss of Yemenia Flight 626, as well some curious events in a Spiritualist church service in South Auckland on 28th June. It saddens me deeply that Jenny had to suffer and die, because not one of you is worth it, but it seems to be part of God's plan, part of our destiny, part of God's final proof to mankind. Yes it's all about Knowing.  And God does know.  He chooses to reveal as much as suits His purpose.  Few in this world care whether God is real.  But you all will, in His time. These connections in death will be described in our book Going West, the seventh and final part of our series  Fragments of an Outer Mind , insh'allah.

5. The Final Message on the Buses
Yes, the Airbus crashes have a strong message for the world. That message is that God does exist, that there is Judgement on death. See Perpignan and Destiny and Miracle on the Hudson. There is life after death, but only if you're worth it. If you're not, then hell will be very real indeed. See Hell is Real. I very much doubt that the word ‘life’ applies to those who fail the Judgement. Existence is more accurate.

But then doctors talk so much about saving lives with their slash and burn techniques for fighting cancer. What they never tell you is that these treatments might actually hasten your death, or that the words ‘ prolonging your existence’ in this world is perhaps more accurate than ‘saving your life’. But the latter sounds so much better. Oh yes they give you hope, transiently. But for how many people does that hope turn out to be false? Doubtless their statistics are impressive. But would you trust statistics on the dangers of smoking produced by the tobacco industry? 14/06/2009 4:09:51 p.m. 2826w edited now 5945w (946 is close)

A young vocal atheist noticed an advertisement for a Christian website on a London bus in the autumn of 2008. So, she decided to look up the website and was affronted by the not-surprising claim that those who have not accepted the sacrifice of Jesus are doomed to spend eternity in hell. Quite why this bothered her so much I cannot understand, because I've heard the same message I don't know how many times over the past 25 years from Christian fundamentalists and it doesn't bother me one iota. Perhaps it's an indication of her own insecurity. I know that that message is completely wrong. But her web-surfing, caused Ariana Sherine to write an article, which the Guardian kindly published for her in October 2008. It was no surprise that the Guardian helped because left-wingers are rarely noted for any kind of religious belief. In the article, she asked for supporters to contribute to a campaign to promote atheism on London's buses. The money absolutely rolled in, £140,000 over a few weeks. So, on 6th January 2009 she and Richard Dawkins took great delight in opening their campaign beside a red London double-decker adorned with the slogan GOD PROBABLY DOESN'T EXIST. NOW STOP WORRYING AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE. The same sign went out on eight hundred other buses across Britain.

Now it is as though God is replying to the arrogant self-satisfied atheists, is if He is saying:

“That’s fine with Me. You chose signs on buses, so signs on buses it is. I'll take Airbuses, the things that pollute the heavens. I’ll give you the signs that I do exist and although most of you fondly imagine that on death, you will go to heaven, the truth is very different. Understand very clearly the message on the Airbuses. My signs are all different. Unlike yours, Mine are not boringly repetitive.  Your campaign cost £140,000, the four Airbuses so far cost around  £236 Million (229+7).

Where is your proof that I don't exist? Does it depend on the corruption to be found in churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, or is it to be found in the many so-called ways to Me? Or does it depend on the stupidity, gullibility or arrogance of men? For none of these has any bearing whatsoever on whether I exist, whether I am real.

Explain all of these coincidences if you can. If you can accept it is all chance, you are even bigger fools than I took you for. Weigh the evidence; choose on the balance of probability. Then I will choose on the Balance of Eternity. It is your choice for today, but Mine for tomorrow. And remember that I alone know when that tomorrow will come for you.

And I really would start worrying if I were you. But by all means trust their message on the buses if you prefer. After all it is designed to make you feel better. But the question is whether it is the messages on London's buses, Manchester's buses, Oxford's buses and Brighton’s buses which is true or whether it is the message on the Airbuses which is true.

Its all about Knowing. So, now, its over to you. You decide.......if only for now.”

14/06/2009 4:30:37 p.m. 3208w very appropriate. ( Edited 6205w 3/07/2009 4:43:54 p.m.)

6. All Black for Man
There is one curious little twist in destiny, well there are lots really, but there is a very topical one today, given the latest All Black disaster last night (rugby). On the night before the Air New Zealand Airbus A320 crashed off Perpignan, Dan Carter, the All Black famous for his underpants adverts, arrived in Perpignan, to play for the local French Rugby team. It really was a case of All Black in Perpignan for the next seven weeks when the Air New Zealand people arrived, until they finally brought the bodies of the Air New Zealand Airbus crew home on 21st January 2009. All Black is the colour of New Zealand.  It is the colour of patriotism here, but the colour associated with death for the rest of the world, apart from the go-getting market-forces-driven business world. But perhaps that’s just death in another form.

And now in another code repeat, the French rugby test team arrives in New Zealand just as the news breaks of the loss of the French Airbus A330 in the Atlantic. Last night the first test at Carisbrooke, and the all Blacks went down to France 22-27, a code on the collector of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, as shown in a photograph in the New Zealand Herald on 4th April, 2006, but that's a whole new avenue linking to inspiration in Angels and Demons and the scientist led to prove the existence of God through anti-matter. But think about it.  4th April 2006 is written in short-form as 4.4.6.  And on 28th November,2008 with the first Airbus crash came the warning of Judgement on death for  all.....  as Code 446.

But there is another link to the crash of AF447 in Angels and Demons... The real conclave began on 18th April 2005, the very day when F-           was delivered to Air France.  It had to be the Chosen One allocated to AF 447 on the night of 31st May, 2009, my 'Mass Observation Day' for Spiritualist Mediums.  I'd invited Chris Lynch along, but he never bothered to reply.  But why the heck would he be bothered with evidence.  He works in television.  Its only there for profit to feed the Government coffers and mind-numbing 'entertainment' for the uncritical masses who will soak up anything.

14/06/2009 4:42:05 p.m. 3386w  Ed I glance at my watch.. My God 12:29:47 on 23rd September, 2012.....(too late)2   you could say.....  I had just added the extra material to the last two paragraphs to show the interconnectedness of it all.  And there is another live update... everything is already ordained,  known to the second by the Orchestrator of Space and Time..  See also PS2 below

Final Edit completed 3/07/2009 4:47:42 p.m.  How appropriate Pointing to Code 742 The End, via the Six o Clock Bus and Pan Am 103. 3/07/2009 4:49:34 p.m. (6251w)  And finally a bonus for trainspotters... 4-4-2 means 'Atlantic'..where Flight 447 kept its date with destiny.

Post script
It was on 30th June, 2009  that I tried to make  background images for both the Angels and Demons page and this Knowing page (as I dictate this, my eye is drawn to the time at the bottom of the computer screen. It is 6.26pm 7/3/9 US dating). I began with a poster from Angels and Demons and tried to convert it to a washed-out water-mark background.  But it didn't work because the picture was too dark and the text ended up  hard to read. So instead, I converted the poster to being merely a column repeat on the right-hand side. The Knowing posters were even worse, even darker. So right from the start I settled for a side column. But the idea came to me to use two different posters, and then to carry the column down by include the tumbling numbers that fall from the bottom of the Earth. Gradually I zoomed in to the numbers. I was quite astonished when I found which numbers were emphasised in the cascade. it was not just the original script writer who had been inspired.  Even the artist who had produced that original image must have been inspired. Look closely and you will see what I mean.  There is even a wrecked white fuselage with the blue lettering, just like Pan Am 103. And just as with the Airbuses, only the tail is left as a reminder of the aircraft that once was. I finished this at about 3.30pm.  Two and a half hours later I saw on the Six O' Clock TV3 news of the fourth Airbus crash of the Comoros Islands, this time an A310. That explained the repeat prophetic signs that had been given to me in Papakura on the previous afternoon,  Monday 29th June.

PS 2  I went to Wikipedia to check the registration of the doomed Airbus.  F-GZCP.  I was going to find the aircraft site which lists airframe details, first flight, delivery etc..... Its so much easier now than when N739PA crashed at Lockerbie.  But then I thought what is the point? You can check it for yourself if you care.  The time when I found the image was 1226pm. 23/9/12  A couple of minutes later I decided to insert it here after resizing it.  The original image size was 11.11111ins.  11.11.11 is the code for 'Voice of God'.  It has been since 11th November, 1985, long before I understood anything about codes.  Suddenly I noticed the time.  It was 1229pm. So I brought up the Date/time box. It is shown below.

229 is the code for the Apocalypse.  Whatever I do the codes seem to be put before me.  Some  say I look for them.  No I notice them because they are there.  11:12:07pm 23/09/12. I check how this displays in Firefox and adjust a few things.  The as I scan through to the bottom of the page I notice the height of the image... 7  7th sign.....319  Crede Signo!  Believe in the  sign !!...944  two off 946 .. again...two 9years) to go to The Hammer of God.... the specific code for this year,  Easter 2012 to Easter, 2013.  Reading too much into numbers am I?  How could things possibly be so precise?  They just are!! Perhaps you are not reading enough.

11:21pm 23/09/12. (Watch time)

I went to check how it looks in Firefox.  Suddenly I rembered how the page ended just short on the side column.  The 7 was missing of the 557 numbers tumbling from the bottom of the Earth. Its not missing now  after I added that Crede Signo paragraph...

Note those last words in green Remember Lockerbie and 557.  It really is all about Knowing. When I first tried to insert the above image, I suffered a 'computer malfunction'. The image was grossly oversized.  I tried to cancel the insert and got a multiple image of the  557s.  I did a print screen and then one of the page higher up. Only now as I go to save that as a Word Doc do I see  it has to be included here.  The time shown on both images is 11:14pm.  It was the time of the last transmissions from the dying computer on F-GZCP.  Again the emphasis is clear as it has been so often.  A computer malfunction in extreme conditions brought down both of those Airbuses, AF447 and T888 at Perpignan.  They have blamed  the pilots in both crashes, of course for doing 'silly things'.  Shades of Erebus......11.38pm 23/09/12  (Watch time)

After doing that typing and those insertions, the computer clock now shows 1127pm  The first Airbus crashed at 4:46pm on 27.11.08.  Its just a question now of waiting for the Seventh Sign, the seventh Airbus crash to complete the picture. The Source already knows which Airbus it will be, where and when.

That is the end of the Live Updates for now.  Meaningful coincidences always tell us the truth, which is more than can be said for so many powers in this world.  11:45:08pm

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Reformatted into Doomsday rainbow format because MS Front Page no longer supported  by web hosting servers  22nd January 2015, 6:55pm. Updated 6th March 2015 4:45pm. 

The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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