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Visions from Kinglake

But even the name Kinglake, the other fire-ravaged community, brought a strange experience.

One evening I was saying how strange it was that one of the two communities destroyed had been Maryville, with its strange link to the Mary whose spirit had been sent to us in 1986. Mary Magdalen had warned strongly of the reality of Hell.  The other was Kinglake, but I couldn't see anything in that name .
Jenny had said to me “When you said Kinglake, I had a vision of the hand coming out of the lake with a sword.” As she said this, I too got a vision of a hand in a lake holding a sword.

“Oh,” I said. “Odd it is Kinglake….. That was the sign of the king to be - his destiny – Arthur was able to take the sword from the hand.

You mean Excalibur.”

But as soon as I said the word ‘Excalibur’, my vision changed to a gleaming white brand new Airbus standing on the runway at Luxor in Egypt in May 1992. I had gone to Egypt alone for the first time ever, just before my birthday

I spent quite a while on the flight deck of that Airbus, chatting to the pilots as it winged its way down the Mediterranean to Egypt.  That was of course before 9-11 changed everything.

 Unbeknown to me then, I was about to arrive in Luxor just a few days before Diana.
Soon after I discovered her presence in Luxor, as I stood beside the Nile, looking across to the 'Land of the West' the land of Eternity, 'the Voice'' said to me "She comes to a place of death for Kings and Queens…."
It seemed a very ominous thing for 'the Voice' to say, implying that death would come early for the Princess of Wales.  Here is picture of her in the tomb of a Queen,   Nefertari, wife of Ramesses II - Nefertari  meren Mut. 

This scene is strangely prophetic of Diana's future, to meet death in the company of the son of the 'Phoney Pharaoh in one of Pharaoh's chariots.  And their car had just sped through the Place de la Concord at high speed.  That was the site of the Guillotine during the 'Reign of Terror'.  That was where in 1793, King Louis XVI and later Queen Marie Antoinette met their deaths... a place of death indeed for a king, a queen and 204 years later for a queen who should have been... but for 'Charles Lamoureux...' - Amorous Charles - another element of destiny in the Enigma Codes...That was where the Libyan Embassy was situated in Paris, our intended destination in November 1991. 

The Angel of Death came for the first-born of Pharaoh just after midnight, 1226am on 31st August, 1997. But that time code says not Jehovah but Ra.  The last thing either of them might have seen was the obelisk in the Place de la Concorde.   That obelisk that had once stood in the temple of Luxor. Its twin still does.  ( And that Temple in Luxor had been at the centre of a curious series of coincidences in December, 1991, when we had returned to Egypt.  There was a strange coincidence linking to our Paris visit of a few weeks before but also, on reflection I remember now, it was tied in to death in the English royal line. 

There is another Arthur link too. Diana's then husband, in real English history , not just fable. Prince Charles' names are Charles Philip Arthur George... and he has so many connections to the last Prince of Wales called Arthur.. who died in 1502, without becoming king.

On the wall of the reception room of our Luxor hotel was a postcard, sent by earlier visitors to the hotel manager, showing a photo of that very obelisk in the Place de la Concorde, as seen from the Church of the Madeleine where I had been asked to  read the lesson at Mass on 17th November, 1991...And now I come to think of it that date signified Royal Death too and Egypt.  Never seen that till now,  ( 2:12:26am 6th September, 2012) 

 I was meant  to read that lesson in the Madeleine, set for week 33 of the year, Christ's words telling of the signs which will herald the End of the World.  Many signs have come thick and fast in the 23 years since.  Jenny and I tried in vain to explain the codes. But no one cared... (10:19pm 1st March 2015)

 The obelisk  is a symbol of the Sun god Ra, the Sentinel of Eternity.    (See our  da Vinci Code site.)    Mohammed Fayed had chosen to ignore the warning I had sent him that had come to me from beyond the grave. See A King warns of Death )

There are so many cross-connecting threads in the finely woven tapestry of destiny. And here was another example of what happens so very often in our lives, I get half of a clue, and Jenny gets the other half.  But what was the purpose behind Jenny's vision and mine so strangely interwoven ?  What had Kinglake to do with either  Egypt or Diana. 

But of course this was the answer.  An Airbus had been  woven into the third 'picture' - fire via Jenny's vision  then my derived subsequent vision.  Did an Airbus have to be woven in to the third picture, rather like the mouse in all of Terence Cuneo’s railway paintings?  But it wasn't just any old Airbus and this connection only came to me as I edited this article.   It had to be an Excalibur Airbus to remind me of Egypt because it was echoing independently but in a incredibly coherent way, the message God intended to be derived from those first two Airbus crashes. Egypt was the land from whence four thousand years earlier, had emerged the concept of Judgement on death Egypt was the  the first civilisation in mankind's long history to know the truth about death, and to behave as though they really believed it. And  with its Egyptian link here was the third connection between an Airbus and Judgement, another code repeat of the 'signs on buses'.

So take it or leave it. I live in hope, albeit faint, that one day an intelligent journalist will read some of my material and dare to relay it to the wider audience it deserves. It does not seem that that will ever happen in New Zealand, the land of Kiwis and sheep. But look on the bright side, there are fewer sheep now, at least four-legged the ones anyway. The 70.3 million sheep population of 1982 has now fallen to 39 million. Sheep are not as profitable as once they were. But is an open minded-journalist with the ability to think any more likely to be found in Australia….or Britain??? Probably not. 11.54.28.

Are all the things I see really 'chance'? Or am I guided by the Intelligent Designer that Dawkins, in his blindness, is certain does not exist (Probably)?

11.56.09 11th February, 2009
Revised and expanded with added images  6th September 2012 2:24am. 

Did I have to do this this evening, an element of Destiny?  Its taken me hours to generate the images and edit the Text.  For today is the anniversary of Diana's funeral, when the Queen of Hearts got a tomb of her own.  And three years later was another which was closer to home for me, even if directly linked in the webs of destiny.  On 6th September 2000 Jenny was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer.  A strange coincidence involving one of our cats, Sooty, on the night of Diana's funeral helped Jenny make her decision what to do.  We brought Sooty to New Zealand from England with us in 1995.  She was the daughter of Sekhmet, the pure white cat we had had in the Scottish Borders.

Updated 1st March 2015

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