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Airbus Crash No. 2  New York-  US Airways 1549
The Confirmation Code Repeat -
Nobody Died - No Weighing

The Parable of the Miracle on the Hudson
The next coincidence code repeat really was uncanny. It was not a repeat of the earlier 1988 to 1991 sequences, but a repeat of the 2008 sequences. On the afternoon of 16th January 2009, I had taken another trailer load of garden rubbish to the tip, just as I had done on 28th November 2008. I’d left home at exactly the same time. I hadn't planned to. It just ended up that way. I'm always too busy trying to cram too much in. There's always too much to do and I’m always late. But perhaps I'm always on time, the time I meant to be. My watch showed 1557 – it’s running fast….gradually gaining on GMT, but always the time on that watch seems to be right. Perhaps that in itself is symbolic. The watch is ahead of time in the way that God sees ahead of time, as we understand it.

On both transfer station weighbridge receipts, the arrival time is the same – 3.55 pm…. both nights I got home for the early news …. both times the lead item was a plane crash – both times it was an Airbus A320…. The first time it was NZ, the second time NY, as if in a countdown sequence, of particular relevance to America, whose aircraft registrations all begin with N. New Zealand registrations all begin with Z …ZK to be precise.

But this second crash was a ‘miracle’ – not a single person died. It was the first time in aviation history that a commercial airliner had landed on water without fatal, indeed catastrophic, results. “Why was this?” I puzzled. The parallel, to the minute, of my taking rubbish to the tip was too precise for this second crash not to have some important connection to the first… It is the way our coincidences have been for a quarter of a century. Our experiences appear to contain elements which somehow reflect in or are reflected by world events. This crash had to have a meaning.

Why did they all die on the Air New Zealand A320 and all survive on the US Airways A320? It was hardly because the Americans are better people. If anything, the reverse is probably true, if the golfer off to 'fun in the sun' was anything to go by. I read about him the next morning.  Nor do New Zealanders see the entire planet as something to be exploited for their our own benefit. The behaviour of Americans encountered abroad, or seen en masse in news footage, or American ‘culture’ as portrayed in Hollywood’s output be it ‘movies’, ‘dramas’ or reality TV, gave even less reason to see that explanation as even remotely possible.

Then four words came into my mind: {There was no weighing.}
    “Of course,,,,,,,” I shouted to Jenny. “That’s it. She didn’t bother to weigh the trailer today….”
     Jenny had just gone into the kitchen to put the kettle on for a cup of tea. “The cooker clock shows 12.12,” she shouted.
    “Really? That proves that that interpretation is right” I shouted back. "1-212 is the communication Code for New York, 00-1-212."
      It is the number you dial from NZ, if you had any reason to call NY. And here was the communication coming into my mind, the flash of inspiration, those four words, the answer to my question as to the real meaning of what had happened in New York. There was no weighing in Papakura, 9000 miles away, because no one had died in the New York plane crash on the Hudson. It was a message in meaningful coincidences, the modern hieroglyphics, the symbolism which God has chosen to use in these Latter Days for man upon the earth.

Those two visits to the council tip had been quite different. On 28th November, I had arrived at the waste transfer station, only to be directed for the first time ever onto the commercial weighbridge. After dumping off the garden waste, my car and trailer were reweighed. The gross weight of car and trailer was 2050 kg. The tare weight was 1730 kg. The computer did the difference calculation and indicated that I had just dumped off 320 kg of garden waste. An hour later I discovered that an Air New Zealand A320 had been reduced to just such a pile of rubbish, at Perpignan, 11,500 miles away. And there had been a weighing. Seven souls had gone to Judgement….on the great balance of eternity.

On 16th January when I had taken the second load to the tip, although I had driven straight onto the weighbridge and been signalled off, the woman hadn’t bothered to determine the gross weight. When I came to have the car and trailer tared off, she said she had not done a gross weighing because I had arrived too late to be weighed, that I’d come in after they’d closed the gate. It was true that they were closing the gate, but she had just pressed the ‘flat rate’ button on the weighbridge control computer. This meant that only the arrival time came up on the weighbridge receipt with the fixed charge, still $40. Yet the arrival time was the same on both dockets, 28th November and 16th January, both 3.55 pm. There was just no gross weighing or taring off on 16th January. But somehow this young woman was also a symbol of so many people today. She just didn't bother. It didn't matter. She was a walking example of the credo of New Zealand “She’ll be right - why worry.” It takes us right back to Ariana and her message on the buses.   Who cares? Stop worrying - enjoy your life.

I’d been quite irritated that this woman hadn’t bothered to weigh the trailer. I’d wondered if the second load would have a significant weight too. It turned out that it was far more significant that she hadn't bothered to weigh car and trailer at all. The two airbus crashes fit together so neatly, so clearly both pieces of the same Jigsaw….. They were intricately and inextricably linked.  There was now a very strong alternative message on the these two buses, one which was much less comfortable. In fact this message was disturbingly close to the one which has so upset Ariana on the website promoted on another London bus back in October 2008 and which had caused her to pen her atheist begging letter in the Guardian. It was one which would not provide the comfort that Ariana and her donors were seeking. The two Airbus crashes were not just isolated dots, random world events. They were part of a much bigger picture painted by the Creator of Space and Time.

Taken together, these two bus crashes represented a modern parable, a statement, a warning through incredibly precise, meaningful coincidences, that the Ancient Egyptians were right. Were these people of old not far more knowledgeable about what really matters in life than modern man and woman, despite the obvious ‘superiority’ of the latter with their ipads, smartphones, HDTV…..modern methods of hidden ‘communication’ that communicate so little that has a shred of real value? The Ancient Egyptians believed that when you died, your soul went to Judgement. The scenes are depicted in the XIXth Dynasty Books of the Dead, written around 1300BC,  thirty three centuries ago. Anubis leads the deceased into the Hall of Judgment where both are pictured standing beside the Great Balance. The heart is represented symbolically in a canopic jar, weighed against the feather of truth, the symbol for Maat, goddess of Truth and Justice. Thoth writes down the result. It's another neat little twist, because the Egyptian Thoth is identified with the much later Greek Hermes - and Hermes is the name of the asteroid in John Baxters inspired novel The Hermes Fall.   ( This novel was emphasised so clearly both just before Easter in 2010 and at  the end of August in 2012  See The Parable of Lion Rock.)

But it was those four words which said it all to me – “There was no weighing.” – It was a kind of shorthand communication taking in so much of my vast experience in a few seconds, just as it was perhaps with Captain Sullenberger on the Hudson that same day. Those four words gave a succinct answer to the question which has puzzled men for at least five millennia – What happens when you die? Here was the answer, in the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’. When you die, you are judged…..on the Balance of Eternity.  Now I understood the message of the miracle on the Hudson. It was not what it seemed at all – not a cause for joy and celebration. It was definitely a reason to contradict Ariana, Richard and all the rest of the atheists    “So, start worrying!”

I have a vision of that Airbus, its nose head-on, with the people standing on both wings, like a gigantic children’s see-saw….All 155 had lived; hence there was no weighing, but 7 died when there was a weighing. So there you have it, Code 155-7. This code repeat within a code repeat is a ‘portals’ message, conveying information about the last portal, the final frontier, which no one can escape, irrespective of their wealth or power. The final frontier is the one taboo left in the modern world, the gate of death. Code 557 had been used to provide not only evidence of an intelligence that knows the future in precise detail, but also to give an answer to that most basic enigma, one that has puzzled men since the dawn of time, the truth about what really happens when we die. When we die, we go to Judgement, as prescribed by the Orchestrator of meaningful coincidence, the Creator of space and time.

Whose Hands?
Remember them all standing on the wings of the Airbus, like kids on a see-saw – the see-saw of life. There was the Airbus, king of earth and air, now very much out of its element in water. Was Captain Sullenberger really the hero of the hour, that the media have made him? Yes, he is a decent enough bloke, but he is not a hero. Modern man creates heroes in the same way men of old created gods - and for the same reason – the need to give himself comfort, to find security in something greater than himself. A hero, that much-abused word, is not a queer, not even a decent man like Sully, but a person who risks his life for others. Sully was saving his own neck as much as everybody else’s, whilst doing the job he was well paid to do, albeit with great skill.

Captain Sullenberger made a very telling comment in a recent CBS interview, showing himself to be rather more in touch with reality than were the hyping journalists. He said that perhaps his whole life had been leading up to that moment. Perhaps he was right. Perhaps it was his destiny, as it was mine to take the two trailer loads to the tip, exactly seven weeks apart, in order to add the other essential components to complete the full picture. And finally it was my destiny to get those four words which made sense of it all

So did the Hand that sent the squadrons of brown geese, in perfect formation, those brown geese which smashed into Sully's windscreen and rendered his aircraft’s great engines powerless, not also guide Sully's hands? Was this not the same Almighty Hand to which our last King referred in his first broadcast of the War – on Christmas Day, in 1939?

God's Inspiration
As he neared the end of that broadcast, King George VI had first recited a poem, which ‘by coincidence’, or was it destiny, had been sent to him at exactly the time he needed it, just as he was preparing his speech.…..

I said to the man
Who stood at the Gate of the Year
Give me a Light
That I may see into the unknown
And he said to me
Hold to the Hand of God
For that shall be to you
Better than light
And safer than a known way.

Then he ended his address with these words: “May the Almighty Hand guide and uplift us all……” What a pity his grandson preferred the hand of his mistress.

But that sentence begins a whole new world of connections, through space and time, more 557s, and a thread linking back to the time of the Tudors, again even to be found in the prophecy elements predicting the Perpignan airport disaster.

For More on Symbolism and God's inspiration, see Religious Truth in Symbolism

It was almost exactly two weeks later that there came the next sign On the Buses  This one was certainly no comedy.

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