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The Precision of God's Hand in the Loss of Air Asia flight QZ8501.

This disaster was prophesied precisely on 22nd December 2014 by many Cassandra jigsaw puzzle pieces at precisely the same place in Manukau City that saw the Cassandra jigsaw prophecy code pieces for MH370 on 22nd February 2014, two weeks before that flight was lost.

By 'coincidence', 22nd February marked the 3rd anniversary of the second Christchurch earthquake, the Big One, which killed 181 people and wrecked both cathedrals, Anglican and Catholic.  It was the Hammer of God for New Zealand aka Godlesszone.

Both cases, 22nd February and 22nd December, involved a sequence of coincidences under the flight path into Auckland Airport, outside the Hospice South Auckland Charity shop. Both involved an aircraft on final approach.  Jenny died in the Hospice South Auckland on our 19th Wedding anniversary on 14th April 2009

What is more 22nd December was the morning after the 26th Anniversary of the Lockerbie air disaster which began the .'codes of Knowing the future'.  See the Perpignan Airbus Story for more on that.  The sequences in Manukau came at 11.45am that day.  In Scotland it was still only 10:45pm on the night of very anniversary of Lockerbie... And the blind fools say its all just chance !!

But it was only when QZ8501 crashed that was I able to see where all the jigsaw pieces fitted and then crack the connecting code. That astonishingly precise connection between MH370 and QZ8501 is outlined below.

Flight QZ8501 came down in a violent storm.... by Design.  It has to be.  There is no other logical explanation

Look at the result on the calculator for dividing the flight numbers of two Malaysian-based disasters QZ8501/MH370.

Demi Moore alias Abby Quinn in The Seventh Sign should look shocked at the result because its not fiction.  (See image below) Not long after the loss of QZ8501, the idea came to me to see whether 229, the Apocalypse code,  was a factor of 8501.

It wasn't - well not exactly. But the result was quite close.  It was 37.122.  That is very close to 37.0, I thought.  That was the digit sequence of the first Malaysian Air diosaster MH370, Boeing 777-200ER 9M-MRO.  So I divided 8501 by 370 and came up with the full Apocalypse number 22.97 This is the precise code for the Apocalypse

But why is it all Malaysia?  I now know for sure that Malaysia Airlines was a 'chosen one' before May 1995. And Muslims certainly seem to be very prominent in these End Times.  But there is much more in all of this. 

Is Everything Already Known - Indeed Destined?
Can it really just be chance?  

Or am I right? 

My results  from my 29 years of scientific  research into paraphysics leaves room for but one conclusion

God must exist.  There  must be a Vast Mind, beyond our dimensions of space and time  that orchestrates all things.  But I don't mean ..... Jesus ...nor Jehovah ....nor allah.

And He is warning very clearly that the End for man really is nigh.  He chooses to use man's most advanced technology to give the warnings.  But you are all too dumb to see it.  For 20 years, Jenny and I tried in vain to point out that coincidence is a real language, a language chosen by God.  In a way, I see it now as an attempt by an incredibly advanced 'alien intelligence' to establish whether there is intelligent life on Earth.  Precious little is the conclusion.  Confirmation below

Four Airbus crashes (2008-9) were woven around Jenny's death and the survival of her spirit beyond the grave But nobody wanted to know.  Its too scary, too inconvenient for the cosy self-centred lives enjoyed by most in the West today. (6th March 2015 -12:21am the Lockerbie 'time' number.  It all began with Lockerbie....)

The idea for the image above just came to me ( c9:41pm 5th March 2015).  I had a vision of the Ancient of Days with the compass pointers above the image alongside which you will find enlarged on The Seventh Sign page. 

For the last week I have been working on re-publishing our Voice of God site in the new doomsday rainbow format and in the last few days working, inter alia, on images of The Ancient of Days.  Note that this inspired painting by William Blake (c1794) is NOT a representation of God.  It is a representation of an aspect of God...  The Christian hymns remind us that God is 'in light inaccessible, hid from our eyes... or alternatively..  though the darkness hide thee, though the eye of sinful man, Thy glory may not see...

But doubtless its all 'haram' to the Caliph and his devoted flock of fanatics.  For more on The Ancient of Days see our Voice of God site.....linked above. That 2007 site shows precisely how 9-11 was a warning to the Americans, the Hammer of God for America.  There is even a quote from the Koran, appropriately enough s9 v11..

But the Americans never learn.  They always have to win, whatever the cost to others. They invaded Afghanistan to get revenge on somebody - so very Christian.  Then they compounded this error by invading Iraq despite that powerful star of ill-omen, the Columbia shuttle disaster, so tied in to America's ill-judged, unquestioning support for Israel.  The net result is the terrible disaster which is the Middle East today.  But it is all part of the End Times.

The real God cares not what you eat, as long as its not people of course, or what you wear, within limits, or whether you pray or whether you don't.  All that matters is what you do, how you behave in this life.   It is on that that all are judged.  There is no salvation in Jesus, no mercy in Allah.  God has nothing but contempt for man's sacrifices, easy as they are for man.  Sacrificing a sheep on the hajj will not get you through the Judgement. And beheading taxi drivers, aid workers or 'enemy' soldiers is a sure-fire one way-ticket to hell.  And there are no virgins waiting there either, not even one, let alone seventy. But believe the 'clerics' or 'scholars' or even the Caliph at your peril.  Where is the real evidence for any of their claims?

As for the other main religions, Judgement and reincarnation are mutually incompatible. They can't both be right.  You get one go at life.  This is it.  So the Hindus and the Buddhists are all wrong too. If there is Judgement followed by heaven or hell, there can be no reincarnation, popular though that belief seems to be now in the West; in fact  its almost de-rigueur for Spiritualists.

The Precision of the Real God's Timing
When did the idea come to me to factorise 8501?  Why on 29th December 2014 of course.  In Yank dating that's 12.29.14. Its all chance of course as any 'rationalist' clutching at straws will insist - James Randi perhaps??..  When did I finish creating the above image?  At 2:29am on 5/2/15.  Remember code 229 is the code for the Apocalypse...

There was another plane crash today, an ATR72 in Taiwan.  GE235 crashed on take-off.  What is 235?  It's the fissile isotope of uranium used in atomic bombs.  Nuclear war is coming... The Codes of Fate keep warning.... 

And QZ8501 is also intricately linked to the Second Coming which signals the time of the End of the World in its airline code as well as in its flight number.  After all QZ= Omega Queen.

And it is non-fiction.  After all QZ8501 really is The Seventh Sign, the Seventh Airbus to crash in God's Signs on Buses reply to the atheists.

One final thing you could note on timing .  FlightQZ8501 crashed on 28th December, 2014, in American dating 12.28.14.   In the Codes of Fate, Code 228 means Revelation, a code derived from the Book of Revelation, the last book in the New Testament, which ends the Christian bible with an account of St john the Divine's visions of the Latter Days for man upon the Earth.  Yes everything is neatly planned... for a poet and a one man band...

Revised 5th March 2015 11:02pm

A Final Confirmation Code
The idea came to me to add an analogy that has come to me a few times in the past few weeks as I have written articles.  Then I was aware of Ankhsoun's spirit and decided to highlight the text earlier in this article.  The time was 12:26am.  Code 226 is the code for Ra, Akhenaten's name for God, the real One God, whom Christ called Elohim.

226 is also the code for radium, its atomic weight.  Radium was the first radioactive element extracted by man... pointing to man's lack of future. The New Zealander Ernest Rutherford won the Nobel prize for working out what happened when radium decayed. 

 Note 626 also in the time 626 is one of two critical codes from the World War III novel Down to a Sunless Sea and 626 is also one of the Cassandra puzzle pieces that predicted the loss of MH370, predicting its final path.....

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Incidentally Today is 6th March, the anniversary of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster in 1987. Not by chance was the name of the ferry, The Herald of Free Enterprise.  It was such a clear warning about what market forces brings. That disaster also had encoded within it, an identification of the 'power' behind market forces. That coded identification had been put in place in 1946. And code 946 is the Hammer of God. See Thatcher, Goddess of Greed on our Doomsday Enigmas site

Reformatted into Doomsday rainbow format because MS Front Page no longer supported  by web hosting servers  22nd January 2015, 6:55pm. Updated 6th March 2015 4:45pm. 

The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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