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The Burnt Page
Tuesday, 16th February 2009, was Jenny's 62nd birthday, her last in this world as it turned out. (You can read about Jenny's death here)  That day, on page A13, the first page of the World Section of the New Zealand Herald, there was a large image of a badly charred page from a book. The caption beneath it read: ‘SALVAGED FROM THE FLAMES: A burned page from a Bible found in the remains of St Peters Church in Kinglake.’ It was clear that the caption writer was not a church-goer, for the burnt page was not a page from a Bible, but one from a prayer book It was part of the Order of Service for a day in the Church’s Calendar. The burnt leaf, singed around the edges, still had most of the text clearly legible. However it wasn’t any old day but a singularly significant one. It was the page for Advent Sunday, the first day of the Church’s year.

But there was more to that day, much more. That burnt page brought the whole saga full circle, for the Judgement sequences began at Advent in 2008. Water had gone to fire. The Air New Zealand Airbus A320 crash off Perpignan came on Friday, 28th November, the last working day before Advent. And I wrote my first paper about the meaningful coincidences surrounding that disaster on Advent Sunday. Jenny finished typing it at precisely 3.20 pm on her computer clock on that Advent Sunday. Remember the words of that Advent hymn, Hills of the North rejoice. The first verse ends with the line He judgement brings and victory.

Then the Alpha and Omega Prophecy and Coincidence Codes marked out the days to Christmas, almost like the windows of an Advent Calendar. And thus via all the signs on buses it had come back to the beginning, Alpha which is Omega. And was not that date not most telling for that image to appear in the Herald? For it was the exact 26th Anniversary of the Ash Wednesday fires which had claimed 47 lives in Victoria in 1983. It was called the Ash Wednesday fires because that year, the First Day of Lent in the Christian Calendar was 16th April. In church services around Australia, people were having the sign of burnt ashes placed on their foreheads, just as we did in Sydney Cathedral on Ash Wednesday, 21st February, 2002.. Was this all not intended to emphasise the Divine Hand in all of this?

So, is it all just chance or my imagination.  Are these warnings real?

Hermes fall KwH 89460.00

I rang the second-hand Christian bookshop over at Mount Roscoe on the other side of Auckland.  I asked if they had any Australian prayerbooks.  The lady said they were often asked for Australian prayerbooks and most people were disappointed.  She only had one.  It is an old one she said and that is not one people want.  I told her I would have it and gave her my credit card number.  She passed the lid off and sent in the post.  It arrived on Ash Wednesday 2009. an ash Wednesday 1996 we been in Sydney.  It was the day Parramatta Cathedral burned.  And on Ash Wednesday 1983 came the Australian bushfires there were even worse than 2009.

When I opened the prayer book and turned to the service for Advent Sunday I found it was identical to the bone page on the photograph.  It is the old services that nobody today wants,  in New Zealand, Australia or England.

Pictures at an Exhibition Rev.2   19/02/2009 02:58:49 Rev 3   30th August 2012 . I glance at my watch to add the time.  It shows 11:11 pm.   Lest we forget.  I photographed my watch against this note at 11:11:11. pm  - ''the Voice'' of God.  Speak through the earthquake, wind and Fire. .......that was him they had for the Lockerbie memorial service in January 1989.  They see those words rather differently.  But God doesindeed speak through the earthquake wind and Fire.  I glance at my watch read 11:12:51.  At 12:51pm on 22nd February God spoke through the earthquake in Christchurch.  And with hurricane Katrina in August 2005, he spoke with the wind.  that was year 2 29, week 7 for America.  2012 is year 229+7 for America.

Advent 2011 brought a whole new sequence of incredibly precisely orchestrated meaningful coincidences with very powerful messages for mankind.  It was very much a case of a real-life 'Celestine Prophecy journey' as I was led from one person to another in my quest.  A brief account of that is given at the end of my 'train book' Predestination abc or A-Z ? - A Trainspotter's Guide to Destiny.  A full account will be given in a separate book The Holiday Relief.  But it is not without significance that all of that once again was written around Advent echoing in particular in 2011 the Second Coming.  11:28pm 30th August, 2012.

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