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Finding a Higher Reality

How I was led to find a reality beyond the material world

Is reality exactly what it seems to be? Is there nothing but the material world, revealed to us by our five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch? Are we really little more than robots, each struggling to get what we want in an uncaring world, governed largely by chance, selfishness and human greed? Mechanically, we go about our lives, day in , day out, in our jobs, our homes the pub, the club, holidays…..Only on occasion does the feeling come, and perhaps only for some, that there is something missing.........

I once felt quite strongly that there was something missing in my fairly comfortable, materially successful life. In the summer of 1984, I was a middle manager in Britain’s water industry. I had no shortage of money – nice house, wife, two kids, two cars, pleasant holidays, a job that was ok, if not exactly challenging. But beneath it all, for some while, I had had this feeling that there was indeed something missing in my life. By the time 1984 had drawn to a close, most of my comfortable life lay in ruins. In the space of three months, I had lost my wife, my kids and my job. The big, comfortable house suddenly seemed very empty.

But the way it all happened, left me with a glimmer of understanding about the something that had formerly been missing. There had to be something more than the material world. The reality of a Source of intelligence, that I as a scientist could not explain, had gradually emerged over the course of those traumatic months. I began to investigate this apparent Source of intelligence which seemed somehow to have been sent to guide me in my darkest days. But was it really the spirits of the dead, as my Spiritualist medium friend, Norman, claimed? Was this really evidence for the survival of death? Could it be what the Christians called angels? There were so many questions and few if any clear answers. But there was definitely something there

In May, 1985, I took voluntary severance and moved to London to take up a job that was to prove uncomfortably transient. But at least living in Chelsea, I was much better placed to pursue my practical investigations into Spiritualism. Then early in 1986, a ‘chance’ train of events led to my meeting Jenny. Or was it destiny? She was hanging pictures at an exhibition in London. Soon she became an integral part of my research into life after death.

Through her came the stories of two women from antiquity, their minds linking to hers across the millennia. These stories were those of Mary Magdalen, companion of Christ and his only true disciple, and Ankhsoun pa Artenn, daughter of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten and wife of the renowned pharaoh Tutankhamen

But two years later, our research into paraphysics took a new direction. I really began to wonder when, in 1988, a series of very strange coincidences engulfed us in the Scottish Borders. The events appeared to link our personal experiences with world events in a way which was strongly suggestive of Intelligent Design. Were we being led to be in particular places at particular times? Were others caused to do things to fit into a complex but intricately coherent picture? Was there a lot more to things than I had ever imagined? It was certainly far more complex than the Spiritualists appeared to be either willing or able to consider. Was it part of the larger picture, of another sphere, another dimension, which somehow interacts with our own?  For more on our spiritualist experiences see  A Spritualist CV for Close-Up. 

Is coincidence really all it seems? Is what the sceptics would have us believe really true, that we are somehow, wrongly programmed to look for patterns that simply do not exist, that coincidences are just like the throw of the dice or the fall of the cards, pure random chance? Or was Malroux right when he said "Coincidence is when God doesn’t want to sign His name?" Was it somehow possible that meaningful coincidence was some kind of slightly more tangible bridge between this world and the next?

Over the two decades since Christmas 1988, so much has happened to reinforce my initial hypothesis that those coincidences constituted, evidence of an external Source of intelligence which had a prophetic knowledge of the future. Powerful evidence has emerged that coincidences are orchestrated, designed to convey understanding to us, to warn us and to answer the deep questions about man’s existence, For the intangible phenomena of meaningful coincidence do provide answers concerning the intangible reality, that ‘something’ I felt was missing back in 1984.

Now I understand much more about the Something that was missing a quarter of a century ago. That ‘Something’ is God. and no, I do not mean Jesus.  God is the only explanation that fits all the facts. But, ironically, life is a lot less secure now.  Indeed It has been positively precarious for most all of the past 24 years, and shows little sign of improving now. The first wife is long gone, the children too….. I have lived in half a dozen different places and had a dozen jobs in that time. Most of those jobs ended suddenly, often acrimoniously, as I encountered things I could not accept, or as my insights made others uncomfortable. I had to choose whether to go along with things I knew to be wrong. Most people do for a quiet life, for security, for the sake of the kids, or whatever it is they use to salve their consciences.  But I refused to go along with things I knew to be wrong. So jobs tended to be short lived. But when one job ended, there was always another, always one with more signs, more messages. You can always get a new job - you can't get a new soul.

Holidays were a change of scene, but just ‘work’ in another location. For most of that last quarter of a century, Jenny, my second wife has done her best to help me, in my unconventional life. But she is now dying of cervical cancer and I am aware of my body failing too. Tomorrow it will be 23 years since Jenny and I first met, indeed were brought together by God, at the time and place of His choosing.

And now, for some reason, known only to the Source, the period December 2008 to February 2009 has been chosen as the time for a very precise and detailed code repeat. Codes which first came over a period of 776 days between December 1988 and January 1990 were repeated over a period of 37 days now. A precise yet incredibly complex series of very powerful coincidences linked apparently disparate elements around the world, with events in our own personal lives to paint a series of very thought-provoking pictures. Those coincidences seemed designed to leave us all in no doubt that there is design, a real pattern in the apparent random dots of world events.

In one of Monet's early inspired paintings, when viewed close up, there are just red and orange dots and greyish blue dots in varying hues. It is only from a more distant perspective that the harbour at Le Havre emerges in that classic 1874  masterpiece, Impression Sunrise.

So what of the random dots of world events? How do we get the broader view? And if there is design behind the individual dots of world events, there has a designer. So was the code repeat in part in response to the requirements of scientist for repeatability, as well as a response to other aspects of human activity? What is more, the events around Christmas 2009 seemed to be part of a very specific message. They appeared to be designed to warn us all, to tell us the final truth about what happens when we die.

Now there is something different missing in our lives – any interest by the world-at-large in the results we have obtained from conducting our Great Experiment over 25 years. The thing that is missing now is people who care about anything but themselves, the material world, the 'me', the now, the more…… But. perhaps it is all as the Designer, knew it would be when He brought Jenny and me together all those years ago…..

My life was turned upside down in three months in 1984. I was left with nothing of my former life. But look how suddenly the comfortable lives of the people in Victoria was taken away in a couple of hours, one Saturday afternoon in February 2009……A senior reporter from The Australian wrote of his terrifying experience that Saturday afternoon. He had spent his last twenty-five years, on his hill in Victoria, to the north west of Melbourne. Safe and secure, they were enjoying the middle class Australian dream, a comfortable home on a large section in the bush. They had thought the fires were 50km away, but suddenly the fire came by.  It was nearly on top of them, nearly in their back garden. In less than an hour it was all gone, house , sheds, everything. For hundreds of people in Marysville and Kinglake, it was little longer. Dozens of people witnessed red embers flying past them, like hot, red snow.

It was just five hours earlier, in Auckland, that Jenny had decided to get something to eat. I had just filled the car with petrol.  She haven't been feeling too well earlier and suddenly realised she hadn’t had any breakfast. So she went into the garage and bought a sausage roll. She didn’t really look at the packet. It was just a sausage roll. She didn’t eat it all either. There was a little bit of sausage roll left in the packet. That’s why I found the packet in the kitchen a few days later…..It was then that I noticed the words on the packet - ‘Red Embers’…beside a fire sign. It was a chilli flavour, rather a play on words. In fact it was a sign of the opposite, fervent heat.

We on our way out to Mt Roskill on the other side of Auckland, for the Qi Gong treatment Jenny has had every few weeks for most of the past eight years.  On our return to Papakura, just an hour or so before 'the fire came by' in Victoria, there was a queue of traffic, going in the opposite direction,  on the railway bridge just near our home. I thought the lead truck  in the queue, in the middle of the bridge, was one of the Winstone rock trucks.  Those rock trucks reminded me of the rocks from  space. Rock 17 was like an  train of 17 asteroids. Shoemaker Levy 9  had been I train of23 asteroids in total, slamming into Jupiter one after another in July 1994. (For more on the significance of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 see our book The Diagrams of Truth volume 1 of our series Fragments of an Outer Mind )

But, this time, I was wrong.   The lead truck was a general haulage truck, but one which had a very significant number plate, CUE 557….Behind it was a Winstone rock truck whose registration plate was ROCK 17.  Was the first truck indeed cue-ing another 557 event, and the second a reference to what was soon to come, a coded reference to when The Fire Came By?

So, the wheel had gone full circle, because in December 1988, I had stopped to fill the car with petrol at a Scottish Borders garage. The idea had come to me to ask about a new car. That idea was the cue for code 557 to enter our lives, the Code which prophecied the Lockerbie air disaster – when fire fell from the sky over the Scottish Borders. Now the message was repeated. Fire was about to ravage populated parts of Victoria as part of a deadly warning for mankind. (9.14.47).

But is it not all part of a much greater canvas? This series of pictures is an attempt to portray how the bigger picture emerges from the dots of recent world events, just as it does with Monet’s paintings, an exhibition of some of which have just opened at Te Papa Museum, in Wellington. unfortunately the Impression Sunrise is not one of them nor the Gare St Lazare railway paintings either. 

The big picture has a relevance for everyone on the planet. It has implications for all of our futures, both in this world and the next.

The story of Christmas 2008 really began at Christmas in 1988. So, let us start in December 1988.

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