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The Airbus Codes give a stark warning to a greedy, selfish 'civilisation' that you are not answerable only to yourself and your flexible conscience.

The warning directly contradicts modern cosy touchy-feely 'wisdom'.   Now when any tragedy strikes there are glowing tributes on Facebook as to how wonderful he or she was. 

There is always the inference that they have gone to heaven...God needed another angel or some other equally cloying  comment. Or they have gone off to some unspecified afterlife somewhere... even though the majority of people do not live their lives as though they believe God really does exist. 

There is no depth in the beliefs of most of the people of today, just convenience.  Death is an inconvenience in the busy lives of those left behind.  Best to surround it in a rosy glow.  In earlier ages people were far less shallow than they are today.

Now, few funerals, even those of avowed atheists, don't have some allusion to the deceased going on 'elsewhere'.

 So they have a convenient 'afterlife'.... but no God. 

Ita a bit like so many modern women, who also seem to 'want it all...'

The Codes of Fate warn very clearly what lies ahead for all, as The Airbus Codes showed so clearly back in 2008..  On death ALL are judged by God.  And He has no need of lawyers, to 'help the Court establish the truth' which is perhaps a good thing as an awful lot of lawyers must end up at the alternative destination - utter greed, selfishness, a cavalier attitude to truth or  manipulating the law to get the guilty off.... Win at all costs ... and lose your soul..... None of these common attributes of so many gentlemen and latterly, ladies of the law, tends to score highly in the Last Judgement.  Still they should be well-practised in putting forward cases.  Funny the last one for each will be his or her own.  And these are lawyers in so-called democracies.  Heaven help the rest...

And it is noteworthy how often lawyers end up as politicians... a profession really noted for its concern for truth, albeit in the avoidance of it.  Bill Clinton , Tony Blair and even the mayor of Auckland, Len Brown, all powerful gentleman for whom truth was a flexible friend indeed. And Margaret Thatcher re-trained as a lawyer before becoming an MP...

I found that very curious phenomenon, the atheist in the afterlife, in a recent funeral in Papakura, on Christmas Eve 2014.  It was held in the hangar of the local aerodrome, Ardmore .  Sq Ldr Bland (TT)  had clearly been an atheist.  God was totally excluded from the 'service' . The celebrant began by almost saying as much.  There was not a single prayer or hymn, just a long succession of reminiscences from family and friends.  But en route they evoked the idea he was somehow 'flying again' in the Afterlife.  The atheists seem to want it all ways.  Mind the Spiritualists come pretty close with 'everyone goes home to spirit'.  God does not figure very prominently in their services either.  A few mediums try to cover all bases with invocations to Great Spirit...or Mother Father God.

But as ever that day at Ardmore, there were powerful coincidences on Christmas Eve.  The undertakers were Resthaven Funeral Services, the undertakers who arranged Jenny's funeral.  Then there was the ritual fly-past just like with Captain Annie on 7th November.  That was part of a very complex web of destiny woven through Advent, involving aircraft, jigsaw puzzles and prophecy codes.  It culminated with the crash of QZ8510. 9:45pm 2/2/15  That was actually the seventh Airbus to crash.  Flight QZ8501 really was precisely coded as The Seventh Sign.

But after the evil ritual burning of the Jordanian pilot I saw much more in that Christmas Eve service on a Papakura Airfield. For the Jordanian pilot crashed on Christmas Eve... And he had told his wife beforehand that he had a bad feeling about the day.  That echoed precisely the RAF pilot I had thought of in the Ardmore hangar on Christmas Eve here in NZ.  The Jordanian pilot was being given a glimpse of his future.  I will explain more in The Jordanian Pilot on the Doomsday Enigmas site when I get it done.  He was definitely a Chosen One too.  ( 5th March 2015 9:05pm)

The Airbus Codes warn that on death all are answerable to God for everything they have done in this life.  There is no Salvation in Jesus, no mercy with Allah, with or without rituals or  pilgrimages.  These are erroneous concepts which have originated from 'holy men' of one hue or another over the millennia.  There is only Judgement before the One God.  Jenny and I used the name Ra or God, interchangeably.  But most often when talking ourselves we spoke of Ra.  It seemed to have more meaning  and it avoids the confusion that Christians think you mean Jesus when you say God.  Doubtless our coming to use the word Ra for God was the influence of Ankhsoun.  But she was sent to teach us. Is it really just chance that  the very first people on earth to evolve a concept of Judgement on death were the Ancient Egyptians, almost a thousand years before Ankhsoun was born.  And she died 33 centuries ago.  Well certainly her body did but her spirit survived.  Man's understanding of things beyond our material world of space and time is most definitely inadequate.  However as a  hymn says so powerfully 'A thousand ages in thy sight are like an evening gone... What a pity children in Britain today do not grow up having to sing hymns every morning in school assembly as we did in the far better days of the 1950s and 1960s.   It is a lot more valuable in later life the the multi-cultural crap children are force fed now.   But the atheists have won there too.  Its 'Freedom'

Is it just chance that the Airbus Codes story continued again from November 2013, re-echoed with the two Malaysian Boeing 777 disasters in March and July 2014 and then continued from October to  December 2014, ending with the seventh Airbus disaster, QZ8501, the 'Seventh Sign' relating to the Omega Queen.  The latter sequences involved a powerful and complex web of destiny linking the deaths of two Air New Zealand pilots, the latest big Air New Zealand 'Death-Plane' the arrival of which in NZ predicted MH17 so very neatly, three different firms of Auckland undertakers, embalmers and .....Tutankhamun.   It wove in again Code 446 derived from Perpignan.....On death all are judged..  remember Egypt.....Only fools would dismiss it all as chance,  But the world is full of fools; mind most of them have smart phones.  10:12pm 2/2/15

32 centuries ago the Egyptians illustrated the last judgement as the weighing of the heart against the feather of truth ( symbolising Maat;  she was a daughter of Ra goddess of truth and justice) on the great balance.  Depending on the result of the weighing, the deceased went either to the Elysian fields of paradise or to the Devourer, waiting eagerly alongside the balance. This scene shows a Judgement before Osiris, god of the dead.  He is always shown with a green face to symbolise eternal life - evergreen plants.   Sometimes Judgements are shown before Ra but they are much simpler scenes, without all the entourage.  I suspect they are rather older and the concept was incorporated into the Osiris cult.

The Airbus  codes suggest a more Medieval choice.  What the codes have revealed to us is that the choice lies between the stars or the fires, a message that was powerfully re-echoed to me on 20th December 2009 on Auckland's Mount Roskill,  an extinct volcano,  and repeated on the same spot on 20th December 2010, on that occasion tied closely into Spiritualism.

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The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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