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Nobody but the U.S. Air Force and Air New Zealand paint aircraft in black. See also The Death Plane - An Omen.   But perhaps New Zealand's obsession with all things black is just another indicator of destiny. And remember that the last Air New Zealand disaster the Airbus A320 - another Airbus note - (AB All-Black AirBus) was just off the French coast near Perpignan in November, 2008 . And the omen was already there waiting in the form of Dan Carter, who had arrived to play for the French rugby team of Perpignan a few days earlier. It certainly was a case of ‘all-black in Perpignan’. But the question is whether it is chance or design?

And there was the real ‘cruel coincidence’ in the Perpignan Airbus disaster as TV3 put it. It came on 28th November, 2008, exactly the 29th anniversary of the Erebus disaster in 1979, which was  Air New Zealand's worst crash ever and New Zealand's worst ever transport disaster.  But was the date repeat really just chance? Is there something more in all of this? Is it perhaps 'designed' to make us wonder, intended to rattle the arrogance of modern man. Were not the ancient Greeks much closer to the truth with their ideas of destiny?  

And anyway  how did the mountain come to get its name?

To read all about the Erebus disaster go to
 The Erebus Story - The Loss of TE901

Mt Erebus is still an active volcano just as it was on 27th January, 1841 when Sir James Clark Ross first observed the impressive erupting volcano.

Image from This site gives the height of Erebus as 3794m  12447 ft which is interesting....

Ross named it after his ship HMS Erebus. ( launched Pembroke Dockyard 1826 ) for more on HMS Erebus see wikipedia HMS_Erebus(1826)  Image from Illustrated London News.

The other ship in his expedition was HMS Terror, hence the naming of the nearby peak. Erebus was indeed destined to be a place of terror 138 years later.

And who exactly was Erebus?    The Greek god Erebus  was the god of darkness.  Inter alia, he had three daughters, by his wife Night. These three women  were  known collectively as the Fates, (in Greek  the Moirai), for they personified human destiny. It was said that even Zeus himself feared the Fates.


The Three Fates or The Triumph of Death - A Flemish tapestry dating from around 1520 in the Victoria and Albert museum in London.

The detail to the right is enlarged to better show the names and the thread of life.

 Clotho (the Spinner) spun the thread of destiny, Lachesis (the measurer) allotted the span and Atropos ( the inexorable) cut the thread, when she chose the manner of death.  For more on The Fates see   wikipedia - Moirai from which this illustration is taken.

And as I found this image I found a very curious and highly significant coincidence.  See The Thread of 507

Paul Holmes inadvertently made an inspired choice with the title for his book Daughters of Erebus. The book was published on 5th September 2011 just four days before the RWC opening debacle, another transport disaster that came very close to tragedy. Holmes chose that title…... or did he? Was that title not put into his head by some external source? Is it really shining example of true inspiration-in spiro - I breathe in -of course there is also the related expire – die - the last breath out. Paul Holmes did not know of the Erebus myth. His editor admitted to me that he did not know either, although he was aware of the strange Erebus link to Perpignan and the curious French homophone. The French pronounce the word Airbus as Airrebus. The roll the ‘r’ making a sound which is almost identical to Erebus. So you have the emphasis on Erebus in dimensions of both space and time. The publisher is Hachette New Zealand, a French publisher. I attempted to interest Warren Adler at Hachette in my research on coincidence, destiny, Airbus crashes and Erebus.  He promised to forward my email to Holmes. There was no response at all from Holmes and just a perfunctory acknowledgement from Adler.  But his reply  was significant not for his words but for the destiny code he didn't even know was there in his reply.  For more on this see Erebus, Holmes, Hachette and Destiny.  So Holmes just came up with the title, without his having the faintest inkling of its far deeper significance. Was it just a bright idea, or was it powerful evidence of destiny and design?

But had it not also been inspiration to Captain Collins and his wife that had resulted in the names of their four daughters? Captain Collins was the pilot of Air New Zealand Flight TE 901 which flew directly into the lower slopes of Mt Erebus, Antarctica's second-highest peak and the most southerly active volcano on the planet, on 28th November 1979. Mt Erebus is 3794m high , 12448 feet…definitely all about Knowing…Incidentally, the call sign TE 901, was a hangover from Tasman Empire Airways in which lay the origins of Air New Zealand. Soon after that disaster, flight numbers were changed to NZ 2 etc. Now Air New Zealand is about to ditch its last connection to Tasman Empire Airways by abandoning the teal blue which has been carried on its aircraft, in one form or another, ever since Tasman Empire days. And it was that final break, reported in the New Zealand Herald on 23rd July which had provoked G I John’s letter.

Captain Collins’ four daughters are, in birth order, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Philippa and Adrienne. Their initial letters KEPA make up a word in Maori. It is our 'Tutankhamun' GP's address in Kohimara, 307 Kepa Rd. But you can also rearrange these letters to make a word in English. The anagram of KEPA describes their father’s destiny.  So, in Captain Collins' daughters you have a kind of 'personification of destiny'.  See if you can work out that anagram in English.  If you cannot see it, ask a friend, or your parents or your children. It is so amazing to me that so many people fail to see it when I write down KEPA having explained its origin.   I have tested quite a few people now and a lot more fail than pass this particular simple test.

But wait, there is more, as the wretched infomercials scream……. Of the four daughters, three were still unmarried when Holmes published his book, a little surprising as they are all attractive women. So you have the three Daughters of Erebus, linking back to the Fates. Only  Kathryn is married.  She is now Kathryn Carter. Now think back to the name of the All-Black in Perpignan, ready and waiting for the time when it truly would be all-black for Air New Zealand in Perpignan.   It is all strange, but true. The only question is: Is it all really just chance?   The fact that we cannot explain the interconnections does not mean that they are not real.  They are certainly meaningful. One particularly relevant comment made by Albert Einstein certainly applies here ‘It is the height of arrogance to confine reality to that which we can understand’.

2nd August 2012  (text re Holmes and the significance of his book)

And I have just noticed an interesting little connection as I obtained my Fates  photograph from the Wikipedia page. Erebus was the son of Chaos. Is this another of God's little jokes woven into the webs of destiny?  For it is very clear that the Airbus codes are intended to demonstrate to man that the popular current scientific fad of Chaos Theory is far from the truth. For more see  Chaos Theory and Predicting the Future.  There is indeed a pattern woven in the webs of destiny throughout space and time. And Erebus has a key role in that web.

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See also Erebus, Holmes, Hachette and Destiny and The Perpignan Airbus Story

As I add this link improving the site links and better illustrating the proof of the Webs of Destiny, the Diagrams of Truth. I see the computer time 5:57pm. 20th April 2013.  After typing above it is 6:00:13  aka No13 or 4492 qv.

It is yet more proof of spontaneous live updates, my actions orchestrated in the threads of destiny by the Greater Mind.  I had just finished creating an image to link the Diagrams of Truth page on our Voice of God website with an image summarising the four Airbus crashes as two more Diagrams of Truth, a 2009 update of my 2007 book The Diagrams of Truth.

 For the full size image and to understand more see Proof of The Diagrams of Truth


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The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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