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The Code 557 Air Disaster Prophecy Repeat 

Can you really believe everything  is all just blind random chance?

1. The Revelation of Communication through Codes- Back to Lockerbie -1988
It all began with an everyday ‘distress’ purchase, as the psychologists term it. I had to fill our car with petrol to get to Edinburgh so I had stopped at a wayside garage at St Boswells in the Scottish Borders, some dozen miles from our home near Kelso. I’d noticed the garage was an Austin-Rover distributor, so as I was paying for the petrol, the idea came to ask about a second-hand Montego estate car. Our Maestro was getting rather past its prime. But it had to be a low mileage, 2 litre version of the Montego estate. It was a ridiculous inquiry to make as money was very tight. It took us all our time to pay for the petrol and we were behind with the rent on our farmhouse home.

But it was as a result of that query, the garage owner rang a few weeks later, to tell me he had just got exactly the car I had asked about. when we went to look at the car, Jenny noticed that it had 557 chalked on the side of the engine. That was just the start. That 557 was a production line check. It indicated the car chassis to which the engine would be mated. The chassis number of the car was 7AM396557. And that chassis code encoded, in short form, all the major details of the disaster which was to come at Lockerbie, nineteen days later, 60 miles away. A Pan Am Jumbo jet, N739PA would crash at 7.3 pm at Lockerbie, 55º7’ N, because a US Navy cruiser (the USS Vincennes)  shot down Iran Air Flight 655 on 7.3, the year before, 3rd July 1988. For more details on our Lockerbie experience see Lockerbie and 557.

Because of this and also many other elements contained in and around this event, I had postulated that these numbers had been emphasised to us in the manner of a code by some Source of Intelligence that intended to indicate that it knows the future in detail.  For want of a better word God,  seen the only likely candidate.  For what else can possess information that would appear to come from beyond space and time?

And now, as if finally to authenticate our many years of  research, exactly twenty years on from that first 557 code came a whole train of events apparently intended to fulfil the demands of science for repeatability, in order to validate our hypothesis.

2. The 'Second Coming  Code' - 557 Predicts another Air Disaster for another Advent
It was twenty years, within a month, that that code repeat began, but it was now transposed 12,000 miles to New Zealand. As I am now domiciled in what the locals fondly call ‘Godzone’. ‘Godlesszone’ would be a closer approximation to the reality of New Zealand today. Richard and Ariana really would feel at home in this paradise for hedonistic consumers.

Shortly after lunch on 27th November 2008, the number 557 was emphasised to me twice. That afternoon, I just saw this as fragments of the global financial crisis, confirming my identification of the times in which we live, but now brought home to New Zealand. The information was contained in the two main stories on the front page of the Business News section of the New Zealand Herald, Auckland’s daily paper.

I just happened to read the lower article first, in part because of the poison milk scandal in China which involved a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fonterra.  The NZ dairy giant, of Anchor butter fame, is New Zealand’s largest company currently had a 'fair value share' price of $5.57.  Fonterra is not publicly listed, being a farmers Co-operative entity.  I had never noticed that 'fair value share' price quoted before or since.  The emphasis is always on the price of milk solids,  $/kg.

The upper story the Fletcher Building article about New Zealand’s third largest company, was illustrated with a plunging graph and in black bold type the closing price of $5.57 on 26th November was shown.

When I got home,  I put on the Prime 5.30pm evening news.   I was astonished by the lead item.  An Air New Zealand jet jet had crashed off the coast of France.  It was exactly what I had predicted in June 1995.  But the really telling signs had been just hours before the disaster, staring me in the face on that page of the NZH Business news.  three 557 coincidences had predicted Lockerbie nineteen days in advance in December, 1988. 

Now two more 557 coincidences had predicted the Airbus crash 14 hours in advance. An Air New Zealand Airbus A320 had mirrored that graph of the plunging share price, by plunging into the Mediterranean Sea off Perpignan at 4:46pm on 27th November 2008. The 557 shown in heavy black type above the graph had been an omen for death and a plane crash.  Back home in New Zealand, the time was 4.46am on 28th November.

Was it really just chance that brought Air New Zealand’s second largest plane crash on the very anniversary of its largest and worst?  Or was it intelligent design, almost screaming destiny?  For on that very same date, 28th November in 1979 an Air New Zealand DC10, Flight TE901, had flown directly into Mt. Erebus, in whiteout conditions. The airline's behaviour afterwards was shameful, as senior personnel tried to direct blame to the flight deck, turning whiteout to whitewash. but there was another very strange coincidence.  But there was so much about destiny written around this plane crash

3. The 1995 Prophecy Confirmed
This Air New Zealand Perpignan disaster was clearly the one that had been prophesied by the strange and very meaningful coincidences in June, 1995 on my return from a sewer survey which I had managed in Gisborne.  It was now very clear , thirteen years on, that my prophecy code in that first ever paper I gave in New Zealand Problems with Probability had just been fulfilled.  What is more that afternoon when I flew back in from Gisborne I had in my bag a  book which I had just found in a second-hand bookshop.  It was the official Royal Commission report into the Erebus disaster.  Now the Air New Zealand disaster prophecy shown on the departure board at Auckland airport in June 1995 by the conjunction of 739 with 557 on that  Friday evening had finally been fulfilled. Flight NZ 557 had departed late at 7:39pm.  It had been  scheduled to depart that 7pm.

That disaster conjunction code was a sign that we only saw because whilst waiting for me, Jenny had noticed that flight NZ557 to Christchurch had been delayed.   Now I see that it had been delayed that night because it was a key element in the web of destiny.  For not only did the coordinates of disaster relate to Air New Zealand, they also related to the city of Christchurch.  This was confirmed to me on the night of the comet, 23rd of December 2011.  It was the day of the fourth Christchurch earthquake.  And once again that night flight NZ 557 departed at 7:39pm for Christchurch, delayed by the closure of the Christchurch earthquake for several hours by the latest Hammer of God.  The teletext flight information departure screen on TV one confirmed that departure about half half an hour after the flight left. So the fourth Christchurch earthquake had to occur on a Friday, as NZ557 is an FO service only.  And the 4th Hammer of God in the Earth had to be in conjunction with sign of the Hammer of God in the heavens. - a reminder of Shoemaker-Levy 9 and its destiny to rendezvous with Jupiter in a series of 22 violent collisions in July 1994.

But this is only part of the story intended to illustrate one vital thread in the Webs of Destiny, the thread of 557.  To read the next part of the warning intended by this disaster see The Real Message of Perpignan - Judgement on Death

For the full account see The Perpignan Airbus Crash


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