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Carolyn,  The Medium Who Could - A Chosen One

In the 2009 film Knowing, a child brings home a mysterious list of numbers from a 50 year old 'school project' time capsule. It is his portion of the current class project 50 years on. Eventually his father, Professor Koestler an astronomy lecturer at MIT, cracks the number code and realises that it is a prophecy of disasters over the next 50 years from 1959. Lockerbie and 9/11 are amongst the disasters. But there are three codes at the end of the list which he cannot assign to any disaster which has yet occurred. That is because the dates are to come over the following week.

He concludes that this must mean that there are three soon to come. The film opened in New Zealand on 21st May. Professor Koestler's code cracking was mirrored in my own experience, only days later, by my being shown in coded form, on 27th May 2009, signs of coming air disaster. That turned out to be the the 3rd Airbus disaster, the loss of Air France flight 447 in mid Atlantic on 31st May, just four days after I was given the signs.  (And incidentally that choice of name for the astronomy professor from MIT was really inspired because the real novelist Arthur Koestler wrote extensively about coincidence. The illustration on the cover of paperback version of his book The Roots of Coincidence shows a hand holding a domino which is reflected in the stars. And he was curiously connected World's End too.  See Koestler and World's End)

The second disaster on the Knowing list turns out to be a subway crash. And now the really strange part is that a real life subway disaster came next in America, in Washington DC tied in closely to my own research into Spiritualism in June 2009. The crash of Air France fight 447 had already been intimately related to my investigations into Spiritualism after Jenny's death, now that interconnection was repeated with the Washington subway crash.

On the very day of the crash of AF 447, a Sunday, I had attended four different Spiritualist church services, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 7pm in different parts of Auckland. So I was able to observe four more mediums purportedly demonstrating the survival of death. I called it my Mass Observation Day. I'd never been to so many Spiritualist services in one day, either before or since. Sadly, all four mediums failed to obtain any link either to me or to Jenny’s spirit. At the time I was still very sad at losing Jenny and sad that all the mediums had proved to be so ineffectual. However that had not come as very much of a surprise, given my experiences of Spiritualist mediums over the previous 25 years. The list of failed mediums now numbered almost 20 since 20th April.

Just before the crash of Air France 447,  I had been asked to appear in a television programme by Chris Lynch, a producer for Close-Up, an early evening magazine programme on New Zealand’s TV 1. He had been given my name by Natalie, the Secretary of the Foundation of Spiritualist Mediums. He had contacted her as part of his research into Spiritualism. She suggested me to him because I'd been investigating Spiritualism from a scientific viewpoint for a long time. So, he rang me on 27th May, the very day that I was given all the signs of a forthcoming plane crash. We had a long conversation. He expressed interest in my alternative scientific way of investigating the paranormal. I had explained to him that sometimes messages from spirits of the dead could be externally authenticated by meaningful coincidence. But that there was much more to meaningful coincidence. On occasion it could predict disasters in a form of code, particularly air disasters. I explained a little about code 557 and its prediction of both the Lockerbie disaster of 1988 and the Air New Zealand Perpignan Airbus crash of 2008. He explained to me that the program segment had arisen because he had become interested in Spiritualism and had attended a number of Spiritualist services in Christchurch Wellington and Auckland but unfortunately he been less than impressed. He asked me about one Auckland medium, Ken Pretty, who he was intending to interview. He asked if I'd be willing to take part in a programme to put an opposing point of view. I said I would be quite happy to do that as I had crossed swords with Ken Pretty in the past. He asked me to write something about my experiences of Spiritualism and said he would get his assistant to arrange an interview with me.

So I sent a ‘resumè’, as he had asked. It is reproduced here A Spiritualist CV for CU.   At first, I had thought Lynch was genuinely interested in trying to discover the truth. But you don't find the truth from attending three Spiritualist church meeting. It's not that easy. It's taken me 25 years to understand what I now do. Good mediums are very few and far between, especially in New Zealand. But that doesn't mean that they don't exist. They are just not easily found. However the following weekend brought the crash of Air France 447, exactly as the signs had predicted to me on 27th May. Unfortunately this had exactly the opposite effect on Chris Lynch to what I had expected. He just didn't want to know. He changed his mind about using me in a discussion with Ken Pretty. He was not interested in evidence that powerfully confirmed my theories. He was only interested in the pursuit of facile television that fitted with his own viewpoint, namely that Spiritualism is nonsense, a total fraud. Granted that 90% of it is confused and proves virtually nothing. There isn't actually a great deal of fraud on the part of mediums, just a grave lack of competence and/or ability. But contrary to what the Spiritualists claim, good mediums are born not developed. At the end of the day there is a kernel of truth with some mediums. They are able to tell you things that they have absolutely no way of knowing, at least not in the conventional world. That had been my very first introduction to Spiritualism in October 1984. But such occurrences are unfortunately rare.

Actually, my research is far too intricate, far too complex to be put across in a couple of minutes of Close-Up. It would need a full half-hour programme.  But I quickly realised that Chris Lynch was just another rationalist, who like all of his bed-fellows, had no interest whatsover in evidence. He arranged for a psedo-scientist, a psychologist, to replace me on the programme. This was one of New Zealand's chief sceptics, Vicki Hyde, a woman who is always trotted out to put the opposing view about any matter concerning the paranormal. She knows little about Spiritualism. But that didn't really matter. The programme turned out to be a characteristic sterile exchange a medium in a sceptic, this time between Ken Pretty and Vicki Hyde. “Prove life after death” –“I do it every day”-“No you don't”-“Yes I do”. It was his word against hers. Neither side produced a shred of real evidence, either way. But it filled in the time on the early evening so-called ‘current affairs’ programme, which was really all it was meant to do. I was wrong when I thought it was possibly an opportunity to try to put across the truth. It never was.

I was disappointed that it had turned out this way and annoyed at the wasted opportunity. Lynch had all these resources and he chose to waste them. He wasted a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to produce a television programme of real value, something that would make ordinary people wonder. That Close-Up programme was broadcast on 18th June and the proof that I was the one who was right came just two days later at a meeting arranged by the Foundation of Spiritualist Mediums in Ponsonby, on 20th June. They were the very people who had suggested he contact me in the first place. The timing could not have been better. It was a clear rebuke to Lynch.

On 20th June I was led to the very first medium who was able to give me proof of survival with regard to Jenny. It was a very powerful experience indeed when I hadn't been expecting anything at all. I had only gone to the meeting to hand in an article to Natalie, who had agreed to publish it in the quarterly Foundation magazine, Cornerstone. It described my experiences of Spiritualist churches, showing how the churches have all gone wrong and also discussing the attitude of the TV people. It is reproduced here.  ARTICLE FOR CORNERSTONE. When I arrived, Natalie was busy with someone else, so she suggested I just sit in the meeting and wait till she was free. One medium was on the platform (curious railway link it suddenly occurs to me now - that's how I discovered Spiritualism, through railways), giving a reading to a woman.  Two other mediums were sitting behind her.
 Suddenly the medium seemed to changed tack and said to the woman
“You write books don't you”.
“No” said the woman.
“But you want to write books” persisted the medium.
“Not really” said the woman
“Well I see you writing books, book signings. I'll leave it at that “
It all fitted me precisely but I said nothing. If the medium had asked if anyone else could take it, as some mediums do, since she had clearly got it very strongly, then I would have told her that she was with me. But the medium just chose to sit down, defeated really, so I said nothing. She didn't have the courage of her convictions. She made the mistake which many mediums make of trying to force things on people who are unwilling to take them. So often you hear mediums say things like all “Go home and talk about it with the family”. Perhaps I should have said something, but I really felt a bit awkward about hijacking the reading. I'd only been in the room two minutes when she started on about writing books. If I had said something, it would have made the medium feel better. They hate getting No! after No! and No! But it was her decision. She chose not to throw it open.

Then another mediums stood up. Her name was Carolyn.
She asked “Who understands polyanthus.”
No one spoke.
“Someone's been planting polyanthus in the garden” she carried on.
There were about a dozen people there but still no one said anything.
Reluctantly I put my hand up and said “I think you're supposed to be with me. I can understand polyanthus but not planting it in the garden.”
“Okay” she said “But you have been digging in the garden.”
“Yes” I said “that’s true. And to do with polyanthus.”
What I did not tell her was that I had recently bought some polyanthus for Jenny's grave and I had re-potted them into larger pots using soil from her garden.

Carolyn then proceeded give me powerful evidence that she really was being linked to Jenny spirit. After a little while she tried to leave me and go to someone else. The game I was the only one who could take what she got. Then again she tried to leave me. The 1st what she got next was taken by another woman across the room, but then as Carolyn carried on the woman started saying No! I could still take it all. See Going West, my book about Jenny’s last months, her death and all the proof that subsequently came concerning the survival of her spirit. After the meeting, I asked to speak to Carolyn then she came and sat down on the stage beside me with her cup of tea. She said to me then “It's your wife isn't it?”
“Yes” I said, with a lump in my throat.
What she said next surprised me even more. No one but Jenny could have known. What is more it revolved around the ankh, the sign for eternal life. Was it just chance that 25 years Carolyn had actually done a course at Auckland University on Egyptian hieroglyphics. Yes Carolyn was definitely the chosen one for that first external link to Jenny’s spirit. I say external, because since a few days after her death, I have often been aware of Jenny’s spirit linking into my mind and talking to me. It's triggered by various things.

Afterwards, I started to walk back down the hill with Carolyn to her car. Just as we reached the exit from the library car park the first thing that I noticed across the road was a car with a xxx447 number plate. However most significant of all was the car parked directly beside the library car park entrance. Its number plate was XZ 2015. I didn't bother to say any of this to Carolyn. It would have taken too long to explain. But it linked what had happened in the demonstration and right back to Knowing. The crash of AF 447 was equivalent to the first of the three final disasters in Knowing and XZ 2015 was now parallelling in real life, the third of those disasters, the World’s End sequence in the film. XZ 2015 was a reminder of the Alpha and Omega code date for the End of the World coming some time between Christmas 2014 and Easter 2015.

Back at her car I spoke at length with Carolyn. She too had had experience of losing someone who meant a lot to her. Eventually I asked if she did private sittings and she said she did. I asked how much she charged. She told me the price but then said but I wouldn't charge you in the circumstances. I'll just see if I can help you. That made quite a change from the attitude of most people. It showed even more clearly that Carolyn had been specifically chosen by God, because of her nature, as well is her abilities as a medium. And over the next month I came to see that another of the reasons that Carolyn had been chosen was the she and her husband linked to the Jenny in my past, to Jenny's death, and to code 5577, the warning that came before the asteroid impact on Jupiter, the warning that came in 1994, but which man is ignored. It was intended to be a warning of what is to come 2015 for mankind.

Carolyn drove off and I walked back up the hill to my car parked in the car park beside the library. There were the lavender bushes, reminding me strongly Jenny. She had asked me to get some lavender for her coffin. It was the 1st time she had ever mentioned lavender to me that I could remember. I'm she was inspired by God on occasion just before she died, because lavender was to prove an important clue in the future. As I got back to the entrance to the library car park, Carolyn drove past back up the hill and then another car came up the hill and parked next to me. It was another car with a xxx 447 number plate. At that moment I heard a plane overhead and looked up. I took a photograph. It was an Airbus. I felt quite overwhelmed by the experiences of the afternoon. It had all come about because I had taken the article to be published. But one very telling thing occurred to me. Jenny had not come to me in one of the dreadful Spiritualist churches, with their erroneous dogma and their terrible songs. She had been sent to me in the upper room above a library and we had spent the previous 23 years producing books. It was all very clear evidence to me that I had been caused ago that afternoon to the Lees Institute meeting and that Carolyn to have been caused ago so that she, as ‘the chosen one’ could be the first ever medium to be able to link Jenny’s spirit to me. And the signs outside, always significant cars provided further confirmation that Jenny's death was a key element in all this. Yes it's certainly a question of Knowing what it's all about.

That night I phoned Carolyn to arrange a private sitting as soon as possible. She suggested 10am on 23rd June. Odd, I thought as I put the phone down, it's the birthday of the Duke of Windsor, a key figure in our experience and our evidence for life after death. But on Sunday night Carolyn rang to say she had to bust the bone our meeting because her daughter needed her for child-minding duties. So she asked if I could come over at 3pm on the 24th June.

The next day bought the second element in the real life 'Knowing disaster sequences'. In the film the second disaster is a subway crash, which was actually filmed in Melbourne. (On the Beach??  - an earlier End of the World film - 1959) But now came the real life subway crash in Washington DC. It occurred on the 22nd June but because of time differences it was not reported on the New Zealand TV news until the evening of 23rd June. It struck me that it was absolutely staggering that after the experiences of the weekend with the emphasis on the first and third elements of Knowing that here suddenly it was the second and only missing one. It was more than life imitating art. The accident in Washington was the worst crash in the history of the Washington subway system. Although it had occurred on the open air tracks, the lead car of the rear train had reared up on to the end car of the front train, exactly as was shown in the promos sequences for the film Knowing. The only difference was that in Knowing, the sequences were underground. (Image from Wikipedia)

The interconnection of Spiritualism and Jenny's death into the Knowing sequences is appropriate for another reason. Professor Koestler had lost his wife not that long before the period of the film in one of the disasters on the code list. He misses her a great deal and finds himself wondering if only he had had the list before. And he also begins to wonder about life after death. The parallels between the film and my own life really are quite uncanny. But then it's clear that they are meant to be, because they have made that way by God,  incredibly intricate connections intended to prove that God really does exist. The alternative hypothesis of chance surely can only satisfy the most feeble minds, those who daren’t consider the alternative.

The next day I went to see Carolyn as arranged and she gave me more links to Jenny, but it was not as strong as it had been on that first occasion. That had been very powerful indeed. But the Fife police significant jigsaw piece to prove my work, that everything I say is true was the car parked just outside Carolyn's neighbours that afternoon. Its number plate was xx 6229. At the time I saw it as a reference to my railway book, Predestination, which gives powerful evidence of destiny and design over half a century. 6229 was a Coronation Pacific, one of my favourite class of steam engines. It was the one that went to the 1939 New York World Fair. It was part of a special exhibition train which took King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on a tour of the Northeastern United States. It ended up in Washington in May of that year. It was only later that I realised the 6229 car related specifically to the second disaster in Knowing.

The subway crash definitely came on the appointed day, 22nd of June 2009 or in American dating 6.22.9. So it was the number of the car outside Carolyn’s neighbours on the day I went to the private sitting and it also carries the code sequence 229, for the Apocalypse. To understand that derivation see, The Seventh Sign. Nine people died in that accident so the event would be described in the Knowing code as 62299.

And the final proof that I must be right came from Wikipedia when I went to try and find out more about the subway crash. Under a photograph of the crash was the time 5:03 PM local time. 503 is the key code in Angels and Demons. It means Diagrams of Truth. The web of destiny connecting all these elements over the previous few days would be a very precise diagram of truth. 2 doors up from Carolyn's house there was a van parked in the drive, with a number plate xx5574.

Of course the third item, the End Of The World, in the film a solar flare, did not follow quickly on from the subway crash. That's the way fiction works. The film has a limited length of time and so the events have to be truncated. Only the sign of the coming End Of The World was visible that weekend in the XZ 2015 double plate outside the library. It's appropriate that in Knowing the source of the destruction was a solar flare from the sun. For the Sun is the symbol for Ra, Akhenaten’s name for God. And Ra is certainly warning that mankind now has little time left on this earth. Mankind has been warned repeatedly over some 10,000 years, by various messengers, and never once has he heeded God's warnings. Akhenaten was quickley forgotten. He vanished from the pages of history for almost 33 centuries. Instead of listening to Christ, the Christian priest turned him into a god, yet another false god to add to the long list of man's false gods over ten millennia.

No, instead of the End Of The World the next thing to come within days of the Washington subway crash was more proof of the intricacy of God's hand in the webs of destiny, the real life Diagrams of Truth. The next event was the 4th Airbus crash Yemenia IY 626 off the Comoros Islands another crash very much woven around destiny, Jenny's funeral, and Jenny's past before she met me, another successful medium and the crash of that first Air New Zealand Airbus at Perpignan with its warning of Judgement on death for all.

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(UPDATE Note added 3:38pm 23/9/12 -  The solar flare element of Knowing finally came three years later with the Aurora cinema massacre in July, 2012.  See  The Warning from the Sun God, Ra

PS   I didn't know it at the time, because Dan Brown's third symbologist novel wasn't published until 15th September, 2009, but the Washington subway features in that novel too, one of the many elements cross-linking that novel to the Alpha and Omega codes and in particular to our book Ankhsoun daughter of Ra. Again it was a code repeat, because his previous book the da Vinci code was powerfully cross-connected to our very first book Mary Daughter of Elohim. In Brown's 1st book Angels and Demons correlates with the whole purpose of my research. The novel is based on a physicist trying to prove the existence of God through anti-matter. I am a physicist who has been led to do precisely that, proved the existence of God through the other opposite of matter which is spirit. It is as though indeed you Brown's novels he has been given a dozen jigsaw pieces around which he’s woven his story. And we have had the same dozen jigsaw pieces woven into our lives over a quarter of a century. More and more, the implication is that we're actors on stage. Brown when writing his books was also an actor in a much larger play.

The way that I was caused to look at Dan Drown's third 'Symbologist' novel The Lost Symbol on 17th of October 2010 had so elements of design there it was almost unbelievable. The date was the exact anniversary of the day in 1984, when my then wife  came home and and admitted that she was having an affair. It marked the beginning of the end of my marriage and the beginning of my odyssey of psychic discovery. Was it really chance that my ex-wife rang me on 18th October 2010 and told me that she'd almost finished reading Dan Brown's latest novel, The Lost Symbol. She had just 6 pages to go. These were the very pages that I'm skimming through when I glanced at the last 20 pages of the novel the day before looking for the reference to Ra. We were both reading the same page of the same book on the same day, the very anniversary of the day that signalled the end of our marriage. We were both reading from the same script. Yes we are actors on stage. It seems that God uses us according to his purposes, but according to our natures. For more on this see THE LOST SYMBOL

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The Washington Subway Crash Book- Life after Death - 4780 30th December 2010

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