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Meaningful Coincidence - Reality not Myth

An In-Depth Study of Meaningful Coincidence and How to Derive that Meaning

1. Background

This site is about meaningful coincidence predicting air crashes,  with high precision between November, 2008 and June, 2009.  It was not just one air crash but  three disasters and one miracle and all of them involved the same predictive elements as those which predicted the Lockerbie air disaster, twenty years earlier.  This site is also woven around death, a death much more important to me than those hundreds who died in the various plane crashes, that of my wife Jenny.

It is also woven around God's inspiration in a Hollywood film.  I know that is hard to believe given the tediously similar or frequently violent, mind-numbing trash which is the normal fare produced by Tinseltown.  But intricately tied in to this inspired Hollywood film is the evidence produced by two mediums of the survival of Jenny's spirit beyond death.  Mind that was not much of an advertisement for Spiritualism because although two did succeed, that was only after 30 had failed.  They succeeded because it was their destiny.  They were 'Chosen Ones'.

2.  Attitudes of the Media
The site also illustrate the hypocrisy of television people, producers and presenters, their claims to inform thinly disguising the real purpose of television being entertainment and profitability.  The programmes merely confirm their own prejudices, as do the 'offerings' of journalists to their own particular deities.  A prize example of this was drawn to my attention in a Guardian article which I found just a few days ago. ( At this point I felt I should check the exact date I came across it.  It was  c 1am on 14th September, 2012.  In searching for that in 'my system'  I suddenly saw a fascinating connection regarding the name Jessica, the commissioning editor of the Guardian article below........  To avoid losing the thread of this page it continues at Understanding the Jessica Code . It proves Spiegelhalter is WRONG.)

Meaningful coincidences  reveal the truth to us, however much shallow journalists such as David Spiegelhalter derive satisfaction from making light of a real phenomenon and mocking the people who wonder at incredibly thought-provoking things that happen in their lives.  (Apparently he is not actually a journalist but a 'renowned'  Cambridge professor of statistics -risk analysis - who just writes like a mocking, shallow journalist. )  His article of Monday, 6th December 2010 13.11 GMT,  in the Guardian can be found at   The Myth of Meaningful Coincidence  He begins with a summary: 

There is a strong tendency to find patterns and meaning in our lives, but the truth is unlikely things happen very frequently  ........
and proceeds to trot out so many of the same tired arguments the sceptics always trot out..... birthdays of a group in a room etc.   Hence the 'inspired 'photo of a birthday cake to illustrate the article for the really feeble-minded to enable them to recall what birthdays are.....  Coincidences are so hard to photograph and they are just illusions anyway, unlike birthdays.   Sceptics like Spiegelhalter  always go for the easy things to calculate the odds.  They should try some really unlikely things, like our air disaster prophecy coincidence codes...... the repeat of 557.... Don't tell me it is subjective.  The numbers in the code repeats are there over twenty years, somewhat longer than the twenty minutes it looked like Spiegelhalter spent on his Guardian commission.   The question is what do they mean? 'Nothing' would seem to be Spiegelhalter's answer.  I am stupidly looking for and finding meaning because of a software problem in my brain and in so many other people who find real meaning in coincidence.  Can our 557 coincidences really all be chance?  But the sceptics have a one-size-fits-all  answer to get out of dealing with my evidence too.   'The problem is ill-defined' the real world is  too hard for us.  We'll stick to hands at playing cards and birthdays...  

If we get bored we'll give NASA a hand at estimating the probability of the total loss of a Space Shuttle.  We couldn't be any more wrong than they were.  NASA's original risk assessment was 1 in 100, 000 flights. After all, all the major systems were duplicated or even triplicated.  Correct answer - 1 in 57.  It turned out that some things that mattered were not triplicated;   the O-rings weren't triplicated or even duplicated (Challenger) and neither was the leading edge of the wing (Columbia) .... The loss of the Shuttle Columbia was a key element in my proving the interconnectedness of four major disasters in The Diagrams of Truth.. See The Four Jigsaws website for more on that.

No,  it is not meaningful coincidence that is a myth but the idea of the investigative journalist.  That must be the ultimate oxymoron, rare as hen's teeth.  Spiegelhalter was clearly told to write something.... The clue was at the end.  This series gathers articles which were inspired and commissioned via Comment is free's You tell us threads .  

One of the respondents,  Alicol was far more perceptive : We use coincidence to rationalise events which would otherwise be unfathomable. The passenger who misses a 'plane which crashes with no survivors, what caused the delays that meant that just one person lived?  I like the idea of coincidence and that perhaps we're not in as much control of our lives as we'd like to think, but if we analyse the hell out of every action we make and what the opposite effect could have been then we'd go crazy,

3.  External Orchestration
My research proves that we are not in real control at all, not of what really matters. Its all illusion.....  But its not a question of  '
analysing the hell out of every action'   Most people analyse nothing at all. They could chose to think far more. But most are 'too busy'. They are largely unaware of much beyond their immediate day-to-day lives.  The time people now waste on their smart phones could be put to far better use.   Smart phones  make the time wasted by Bill Gates Solitaire gift to mankind seem utterly trivial back in the stone age of computers in the early 90s.  People could try exercising their minds instead of their fingers, but the only fad now is exercising the body.

It is as though the events from October 2008 June 2009 were orchestrated to demonstrate  conclusively we are not in control at all and to prove that Camille Flammarion's  astute observations were correct.  In 1900 he noticed that meaningful coincidences appear to be clustered around death.  And my work is the first since he wrote that to be able to prove it.  But over the course of that century in any case no one has bothered to try.  There is no money in it, no cosy  research grants.  There is no  academic kudos because the field is 'academic suicide'.  And it involves far too much patience, perseverance and also a life in the real world, not in the cosy cloisters of academia.   Those three things that make it an unprofitable field for academics.  It also demands honesty and integrity.  That too rules out a large number of people, both in and out of the academic world.

There are lots of happy coincidence sites on the Internet.  They largely consist of accounts of individual coincidences, just like most of the books published on coincidence.    None is concerned with patterns between apparently totally separate series of meaningful coincidences.  This is because most authors are mere aggregators.  Their own experiences of coincidence are severely limited. Nor is any them able to illustrate the application of meaningful coincidence to the study of death and beyond.  This is because of course death is not a happy topic and New Agers  like to put forward coincidence as a happy topic proving 'connectedness'.   And close experience of death is not something people want to know about as anyone bereaved will attest.  You would think that death was contagious.

The coherence of the coincidences on this site should make thinking people wonder.  Unfortunately there are all too few of them in the world today.  The world has gone full circle since the time of Gallileo, when the Church controlled 'The Truth'.  Nowadays the universities and the media are the 'fount of Truth' and they peopled by sceptics in line with the  current  theology of scientism for these latter days.  There is nothing but the material world and everything is governed by chance. The highest intelligence in the universe is their own. 

They are wrong on so many counts but especially that one.  Meaningful coincidence warns us of the reality of an external source of intelligence, so vast that we cannot even begin to comprehend it.  That source of intelligence chooses to orchestrate meaningful coincidences as well as so much else of our very lives.  It is an illusion to think we are in control of our own destinies.  Our choices are extremely limited.  And even so many of those limited choices are made by people in power, almost  always for the wrong reasons.

The Webs of Destiny warn that the Source of intelligence has had enough of man's lies, arrogance, treachery and deceit.  The Airbus Codes have been used in part to refute the atheists with their Atheist Buses Campaign, which incidentally also began in The Guardian ( October 2008 )and to warn that on death all are judged.  Few will pass that Judgement.  To read more of the intricate webs woven around four Airbus disasters, a Hollywood film and Jenny's death,  read on in Patterns in Space and Time

4. Learning More
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For more on Spiritualism and real evidence for life after death go to Carolyn the Medium Who Could
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Site re-published 1st October, 2012 6:04pm      Front page published two images at a most significant time.... 6:04:46pm The Triumph of Death  or the Three Fates...Cut388  6:04:48pm  The Triumph of Death or the Three Fates...+C229wS.  Both images were originally 507 pixels wide. For images see The Thread of 507.  446 is Judgement on Death and 448 is Knowing, two of the key codes to emerge from this in-depth study deriving meanings from meaningful coincidences.

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Reformatted into Doomsday rainbow format because MS Front Page no longer supported  by web hosting servers  22nd January 2015, 6:55pm. Updated 6th March 2015 4:45pm. 

The sites rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - There had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite. See Wikipedia article on the colour indigo.  I felt this had to been done before I update this site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.

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